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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Welcome back to school! Chapter 2 of Our Lives in Lockdown begins .... Kia Kaha GHS!

I asked for a recount and Emi wrote one about Easter at her house. How cool is that!?

Welcome back to school, everybody! I hope you had a great staycation and enjoyed the Easter weekend. Don't forget: The Treasure Chest is open for business and Mrs Goodall is especially keen on publishing your writing. Email me your work: 

You don't know what to write? What about a recount? You can write a text that tells us what you did over Easter, or what you did in the first few days of the lockdown. 

You don't like recounts? Write a poem! You find many ideas for how to write poems online. I love diamonte poems:


A big thank you to Isabelle and Avyan!

Great work, guys!!

Isabelle has found a stick insect in her garden. She shares what she knows about stick insects and what she thinks about her stick insect - it's a girl! Nice work, Isabelle!

Avyan has written a recount of his morning and he describes the process of making egg carton character. Awesome job!

Nice to see that you are such passionate chefs!

I am impressed - the cookies match your hair colour and outfit - how cool is that?

Yes, that's how we rule at GHS: No device in sight - you are too busy creating and crafting, nice work!

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