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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Oliver from room 17 explores Matariki poetically and bilingually

Seven sisters                                                                            E whitu tuahine                                               
Korero                                                                                                      Korero
To me from                                                                                         Ki ahau I
The heavens                                                                                      Ko te rangi
Rangi nui                                                                                             Rangi nui

Traditional celebrations                                                  Whakanui traditional
When they                                                                                      A no te ratou
Appear in                                                                                           Puta i roto
The rangi po                                                                                ko te po rangi
    Dissolve at ata                                                                                 tareka i ata

Mesmerising                                                                                 Mesmerising
Tae rawa from                                                                                Rawa color i
The heavens                                                                                     Ko te rangi
E matakitaki ana                                                                    E matakitaki ana

How they                                                                                 Kia peha te ratou
Came to be                                                                           Haere mai ki te kai
A ngaro                                                                                                He ngaro
A purakau                                                                                        He purakau       
An mutunga way                                                                     He ara mutunga

A hakari                                                                                              He hakari
Of mahara                                                                                       O te mahara
A hakari                                                                                              He hakari
Of hoatu                                                                                             O te hoatu

By Oliver Marchant

Room 17 celebrated Matariki by departing on a poetic journey - well done!

Celebration and Remembrance

With whanau we celebrate
In Aotearoa haere mai
We forgive
That's Matariki

We are grateful
For blessings we receive
Its tradition
To assemble
Seven Sisters
Cluster of stars
Aroha we give
And have

Feel forgiveness
Taste the roasting
That everyone
Has developed with love

Hear the words
Flow out
Stars shining
Rising above

We know by heart
Loved ones
Who were toa

Even though
You're not here
We’ll honour

By Amaia Martinez


I was little,
afraid of nothing,
I was dazzled,
by the moon.

A cluster,
of luminous stars,
Mirrored, on the ceiling,
of my room.

I connected lines,
to link their bodies,
created constellations,
different than any other.

I discovered,
a universe,
not lifting my head,
not opening my eyes.

I creep outside,
to sneak a peak,
traumatized finding,
these stars remained,the same.

I discovered these stars,
had a title.
was their name.

By Georgie