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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Room 25 has stepped into a Moment in Time - enjoy these poetic texts!

A Moment in Time By Room 25 2018

The Boy on the Swing

The End of the World
By Ziya Swann
The wind howling.
Birds hiding
Brown chocolate bark scattered everywhere.
Today is a miserable day.
It is the worst day.
Back and forth again and again.
It feels like the end of the world.
The squeaking, soaking rust.
My head aching to death.

Being Bullied
By Connor Hulshbosch
Rocking on a swing.
Bullies left behind.
It was a terrible day.
I felt vulnerable, maybe weak.
Mostly scared of the bullies.

Depressed Boy
By Addison Dent
People are pointing.
People are laughing.
A chilly breeze dashes past everyone making the swing move a little.
I want to cry, but everyone will make fun of me.
Chanting louder and louder, everybody is laughing.
A tear drips down my face.

The Boy all Alone
By Malia Giffin
I can hear birds chirping from above.
Trees softly looming above me.
I can see cars driving past.
I can hear hear the swing creaking back and forth.
I can also feel tears pitter-pattering down from my eyes.
I feel heartbroken, gloomy, sick and lonely.
I think about myself with nice new friends.
I think bad thoughts of people making fun of me.

Sad and Lonely
By Julien Vallee
The vintage swing on rough rope.
I sit there vulnerably.
I’m broken and lonely.
No friends, no fun.
Scared in the middle of nowhere.

By Sophia Crosbie
I’m on the old wooden swing, wondering and asking questions to myself that never get answered.
All I can hear is the blistering wind and the copper autumn leaves landing on roof tops.
The park is so empty. Silent.
The swing is an iceberg, cold and ancient.