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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Dear Lukas from room 21 - please write the sequel to Agent Mouse really soon! I can't wait .....

Agent mouse by Lukas M
The bad rats has stolen the M.D’s cheese. Agent mouse had to steal the cheese back. He arrived at the house. He searched it and was on the light bulb when he saw his cheese...

“I need to get my cheese”, thought the mouse.

Just then a human stepped in the room. It grabbed an apple then walked out. Agent mouse tied a rope to his chest and to the light, then realised there was a trap. He went to the cheese and grabbed it. As soon as he got on the light, the trap did a noise. Then the bad rats came! Agent mouse ran, but a rat jumped in front of him.

Mouse punched the rat. Agent mouse escaped. Evil rat WANTED revenge but agent mouse had won.

To be continued…

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Flying dinosaurs, a Lamborghini and a hero - what more do you want!? Enjoy this story by Max from room 21!

A flying T-Rex chasing a man by Max F

One day their was a person named Jono. He wanted to have an adventure so he came up with an idea.

He wanted to go to the forest. So he got his bag and put food in it. Then he went into his Lamborghini and drove to the forest. When he was at the forest he saw a flying dinosaur. He escaped the park and was eating children.

Jono went to try and help but then the T-Rex came and was chasing him. When it tried to have a bite he almost got Jono, who went in his Lamborghini.

The T-Rex crunched Jonos’ car but Jono just survived. He jumped out the window but Jono saw a shotgun. He used it and the T-Rex got hurt. The T-rex died. Jono won. He was so happy he won. Then he went home.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Enjoy this story by Micah from Room 21!

Cars by Micah Fowler

One day a kid really wanted to race. He had loads of little cars.

When he grew up he became famous for racing. One day someone beat him in the finals, and he wasn’t the best racer anymore.

He wanted help to get faster so he went to his dad. But he just remembered that his dad was on holiday, so he went to his mum.

His mum told him race with motor-bikes. Now he is happy and he is the best motor-bike racer ever.