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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Feel with Mason from room 24 when he shares his fishing experience with us!

There I was sitting on the wharf with my dad. At the time it was breathless until a giant boat came other than that it was good because the water was a royal blue colour plus it smelt like salt water so it had a harsh salty taste to it.

A few minutes later I was feeling baby bites on the rod so it was tingling the rod bit by bit. I felt like I had the power to rule the ocean and I was the fish king so I screeched, “Let me be the fish king!” Then boom!!! I had the enormous fish.

I was reeling it up like I was major wrestler ready to punch anytime. I began to feel tired and miserable I thought I was never going to reel it up. The thing that made feel better is that I could see it then before you could blink it was on shore. It was an octopus not a fish not a crab an octopus. My dad said, “Sorry Mason we can't eat that so we put it back in the water and turned our backs to it.

By Mason Garrett


  1. I love the way you have made your story interesting! Your description of the setting - the royal blue water, the salty sea air - really helped me to imagine what happened. The direct speech you used made the text so lively. I must admit I liked the fact that the octopus got away - although you had to work so hard.

  2. Awesome, Mason. When I was a kid, reeling in a fish was the hard part. It always seemed to take forever and my arm got so tired. Well done Mason.