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Friday, 25 May 2018

Georgie and Sacha share important information they learned about when they attended Kidpower at our school

Bullying and How to Stop it

Confidence, brain and stop. These words and movements will save you from getting bullied.

What is bullying?
Bullying is a serious issue of NZ. Bullying is being mean but continually and repeatedly. So that means being mean every day for a while. There are lots of different parts in bullying for example. The bystander the bystander is someone who knows what’s going on and is there while a person is being bullied and not do anything, the upstander, the upstander is the opposite to the bystander the upstander sees what’s going on and stands up for them. The victim is the person who is getting bullied and finally the bully and we all know what the bully does.

ACC is a acronym for Alert, Calm and Confident. Let’s start with alert. That means to be aware of your surroundings. So basically, having your head up and looking around and knowing what is in the room you are in. Now calm. Which means not being anxious to tell anyone and to just be yourself and not care what other people think. Confident. Confident means having confident body language having your shoulders back and your back straight and feeling good about yourself.

Personal space
Arms out straight and stop it I don’t like it. Actions that you can do that will help you and the bullying that might be happening stop. Arms out straight, you do this when someone is touching you or in your personal space, you put your arms out straight and and say stop it I don’t like it and walk away confidently and go tell a teacher.

Telling someone.
When you are getting bullied you should always tell someone if that’s a friend or a teacher. You could tell a friend so then they could go with you to tell the teacher. You have to tell a teacher so they can deal with it. It’s important not be anxious about telling someone because they will help fix it.

The rubbish bin
The rubbish bin is something that you should do when someone says something mean to you, it is a simple action, and you do it by putting one of your hand on you hips and then imagining the mean thing someone said or did In your other hand and then you chuck the mean thing through the gap between your hand and shoulder. Then boom! The mean thing is gone and out of your mind.

To conclude, I think kid power is a great thing in the community because they help us come against bullying and get rid of it. Bullying needs to stop.

By Georgie Shaw

How to prevent bullying

Bullying is a serious issue facing New Zealand students.
Yesterday my class went to a session with kidpower on how to prevent bullying.
This is all your going to need to know to be a superhero who takes down bully.

To stop bullying you need a strong posture and do not slump because slumping makes you look weak and more of a target.
When dealing with a bully who's picking on you always be confident in yourself.

If a bully comes up to you be calm and put both your hands in front of you and say do not touch me with a stern face than turn around and simply walk away.
But if a bully keeps bothering you should get a teacher or a group of friends because a group of 4 is more intimidating than 1.

Now if your being bullied you know 3 simple steps to prevent it,
  • Put your arms in front of you
  • Say don't touch me (with a straight face)
  • Than walk away (not run)

The best piece of advice is to just ignore him or her and always tell on a bully because bullying is not a good thing to do.

By sacha v borland      

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Well done, room 23 - great descriptions! Hidden temples and creepy monsters ... - enjoy!

The Hidden Temple
In the jungle of Thailand, there lived a temple.
The pool water looks gloopy and slimy beneath the viney, green trees. The temple looked dark and mysterious. The stone looked slightly smaller than each other.
The sun smiled down in the gaps of the temple. The huge temple sat a little crooked among the giant trees.

By Sasha Anson

The Hidden Temple
In a forest, I stumbled into a hidden temple. There the moss grew on slippery rocks and the sunlight burst through the top. Luscious plants grew on the temple climbing the ancient rocky walls.

By Mary Musson

My Monster
My monster has…..
A body like a trampoline
Eyes like a wolf
A nose like a dog
A mouth like a black hole
Legs like a chicken
And arms like a dinosaur.

My monster is …..
As friendly as a cat
As clever as a mouse
As loud as a thunder strike
As smelly as a toilet
As frightening as a lion

My monster is called CHICKEN MAN

This poem is written by Sam Rosier
My Monster
My monster has…..
A body like a vampire
Eyes like a blood
A nose like a demon
A mouth like sharp teeth
Legs like a celery
And arms like a long.

My monster is …..
As mean as a killer
As clever as a smart person
As loud as a lion
As grumpy as an old man
As brave as a mouse

My monster is called CREEPY VAMPIRE

This poem is written by Cody Stanley

My Monster
My monster has…..
A body like a fat cat
Eyes like a demon
A nose like a button
A mouth like looking at grass
Legs like hooks
And arms like a cat with gloves on.

My monster is …..
As friendly as a mouse
As clever as a dolphin
As loud as a bird
As frightening as a bull.

My monster is called DAYBALL

This poem is written by Sacha Fu-Oughton

My Monster
My monster has…..
A body like a demon
Eyes like blood
A nose like a pinocchio
A mouth like a shark
Legs like a snake
And arms like a swords.

My monster is …..
As evil as a killer
As loud as a wolf
As smelly as a rat
As frightening as dust

My monster is called BOB

This poem is written by Emma Carr