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Friday, 19 June 2020

Maya wrote this story in her own time - read her text, but be aware ... it's a very spooky story and the gruesome content may not be suitable for all age groups!!!

A long long time ago there lived a family of five.The wife jemma,the husband Nick,The oldest child Jessica,the middle child hannah,and the youngest child jade.Jade was the nicest,the most loving and the favourite child.hannah the middle child used to be the favourite,until Jade was born,although Jessica thought jade was quite cute and annoying at the same time.

One day while Jessica,Hannah,and Jade were walking home they bumped into an old “friend” well actually they were a enemy.”we meet again” said the enemy “what do you want lily?” Said Jessica.”I just came to warn you…” said lily/the enemy devilishly.”warn us about what?” Asked Jade curiously.”You should hurry home and check on your mum” said lily as evil as the joker.”err okay?” Said Jade with a bit more curiosity.So they walked home with a lot of curiosity.When they got home they saw their mother on the couch terrified,as if she saw a ghost or heard one. “Mum? Are you ok?” Asked Hannah.Their mum was too terrified to even speak! “T-the S-shadow-“ stuttered their mother.”What shadow?” Asked all of them with unison.”i-it was alive…” “the shadow was alive?” Asked Hannah curiously.” 

A day past and they were all sitting in the lounge watching a movie.Their mother paused the movie to get a drink,so did Jessica and Hannah.Jade noticed something.Something strange,what looked like a shadow man with a coat and a top hat.she went closer..and closer...and closer to the shadow until she saw there was no man there.It was just a shadow with no man.She looked around to see if the light was shining on a action figure,but there was no action figure at all.The shadow then turned to her...He then disappeared into thin air...She was too scared to speak or even tell her family.When they all went to sleep,Jade laid there in her bed wondering If it was capable of well hurting anyone.But it was only a shadow...shadows can’t hold anything or possibly touch anyone...right?The next day Jessica went to Jade and asked “Jade...have you seen anything terrifying?” Have you..?” Asked Jade “I asked first!” “Ok ok! I have seen this well…shadow man..” said Jade terrified. “Same…” said Jessica. “How about hannah have you asked her?” Asked Jade. “No not yet..”

That day after history class lily came up to them. “Why hello Jessica” said lily “lily you know Jade is right here and you don’t bother to say hello to her.” Said Jessica frustratingly. “Oh right..didn’t see you there Jade” said lily sarcastically.”what do you want lily”said Jade. “Oh nothing I just am here to tell you you should be careful when you talk about the shadow man to other people” said lily “wait lily are you behind the shadow man!?” Asked jade curiously. “Oh no I’m not it’s just my father got murdered by the shadow man” said lily a little bit sadder then usual. “Wait wat how?” Asked Jade and Jessica in unison. “Just don’t look into its eyes and don’t let it see you” said lily “toodles!”. “ lily wait.Why do you care about us all of a sudden?” Asked Jade. “Well I-“ “Jessica,Jade why are you talking to..her” asked hannah.“Because we want to.after all you can’t control our lives.your not the oldest” said Jade.

“Do I really care” Asked hannah rhetorically. “Oh yeah I forgot you never cared about anything not even us” said Jade frustratingly. “come on Jade let’s just go to class…” said Jessica. When they got to biology class they noticed that lily has skipped class again, “typical lily” whispered Jessica to Jade. “Mhmmm always skipping class-“ “JADE AND JESSICA STOP TALKING IN CLASS” interrupted mrs honey. “Sorry mrs honey we were whispering not talking” said Jessica. “ principles office NOW BOTH OF YOU” yelled mrs honey.When they  both arrived at the principles office….They saw The principle dead in his chair...They saw the shadow man and his eyes...Jessica quickly closed her eyes shut and closed Jades eyes too.As soon as the shadow man disappeared,they screamed.Alarming all teachers and staff. “AHHHHHH SOMEBODY HELP!!!” Cried Jade. “WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED” shouted the janitor. As Jade froze with fear still looking at the hole in the principles head that the shadow man burned threw…. 

The policemen searched houses,buildings but still couldn’t find the deadly shadow man...The next morning Jade got out of bed To fetch her phone.She turned it on and she saw THAT IT WAS CHRISTMAS!!!B But just a day ago it was Easter. “Santa?” Said Jade excitingly but when that “Santa” turned around..It was the shadow man.The shadow man looked 3D for once! How can that be? He held a gun to her...SHE WOKE UP WITH FEAR! Turns out that was only a dream and it was still Easter.She jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom.She puked everywhere! “Jade are you alright?” Asked Jessica. “I-I’m fine just had a bad dream” said Jade. “Are you really sure?” Asked Jessica “I said I’m fine ok” said Jade frustratingly.The next day when Their mum switched the news on the T.V...They finally found the shadow man!! But how did they find him? Well that’s another story to tell.They all lived in peace from that day on.

                                          THE END!

Maya Ploos van Amstel

Enjoy the explanation texts by Elly, Gabriel and Benjamin. They were studying some interesting scientific facts and share them with us.

Why are whiskers important for cats?

Do you know why cats have whiskers?
Whiskers don’t just look cute. They move around and help the cat to hunt.

Whiskers are sensory tools like eyes or ears. 
Cats can’t see very well so they pick up air movement with their whiskers to hunt.

Cats can feel, ‘’I can fit there! “, when they try to fit into a tight space. If the cats can’t fit, the whiskers touch.

Now I know why whiskers are important for cats, I feel very surprised.

Thank you.

Elly Lee

Cats Have Whiskers

Do you know why cats have whiskers? Whiskers don't just look cute.They move around and help the cat hunt.

Cats can’t see very well what is close to them. The cat can see well what is far away. The cat’s whiskers help the cat to hunt. When a mouse is too close to them, the whiskers point forward and pick up the air movement of the moving mouse.

The cat has whiskers for playing. For example, the cat tries to fit into a box. If the cat’s whiskers touch the box, it knows. “I can’t fit!”

I didn’t know anything about whiskers, but now I know lots. 

By Gabriel Walfrido

Do you know why cats have whiskers? Whiskers don’t just look cute. They move around and help the cat to hunt. 

Cats have whiskers, because cats can’t see very well.  Whiskers help cats to hunt. Cats have noses, ears, eyes, mouths and paws, but cats also have whiskers. They are also a sensory tool. The cat's whiskers can feel air move, when a mouse is running past.

Whiskers show people how the cat is feeling.
If the whiskers are pointing away from the cat, that
means the cat is happy. If the whiskers are pulled back, it means that the cat is angry.

I feel surprised about the whiskers. I thought the cat's whiskers were not important, but I found out the whiskers are very important for the cat.

By Benjamin Lee

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

GHS children stay strong and do well - good job, guys!

Enjoy Tane's Explanation Text on Light:

What is light?
Light is the connection between us and the universe. White light contains a spectrum or a range of colours. Light that comes as natural light is from the sun. Artificial light is the man made source of light eg. light bulbs or a torch.

How does light travel?
Light waves don't just float around us randomly. They all come from a source. The sun is a light source. A flashlight is another. You don't usually use your TV or computer to light up a room, but they are all travelling light sources.

How do we see colour?
Not all surfaces reflect or absorb light in the same way. We are more likely to notice bright orange than a dark grey. All objects reflect light eg. rainbow ROY (red, orange, yellow) G (green) BIV (blue, indigo, violet).

By Tane

Enjoy Ivy's book, everyone! Ivy is a very young writer - what a good job!!

A big shoutout to Chloe for her awesome work on the 18k challenge!

This is  Chloe completing her 18k challenge plus her peninsula graph. Chloe and her Dad have probably completed this 3 times with the amount of biking and walking they have been doing. We found some really cool steps too in GH - 127 in total which we have done a few times now!! Chloe painted a rock saying “almost there” which we have put on one of the steps near the top.

She is also doing the Pentathlon challenge but has a couple more days to go on that so will send through when she has done her bar chart 

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Week 2 term 2

ANZAC Day is coming and our Gulf Harbour children show respect and kindness

Oscar and Koby are doing a lot to show our school values. They remembered a teacher's birthday, wrote a letter to a neighbour that lives by himself, created a job jar with little notes that have a job on them to help their parents and they take one out every day - I am so impressed!!

Well done, Mila! This is a great way of showing respect and kindness.

Mila's report shows what she has learned about ANZAC Day

Olympic Challenge

Way to go, guys!!

Hi Mrs Taylor, 

I started my challenge today of trying to reach 18km. I rode my bike 3 kilometres today. We have a reserve right behind our house so i rode it right along the reserve. You mentioned that the 18km challenge runs until the end of lockdown, is that on wednesday next week, when some people can go back to school? 
Because i figured out that if i did 3 kilometres each day, starting today then i can do 18km by wednesday. I knew this because from today until tuesday is 6 days and 3x6 = 18. 

I am going to run, walk and bike it each day. I really like the idea of the pentathlon (i hope i spelt that right). Im going to start that too. How many days do we do that for? 

Thank you for the cool challenges, they make lockdown more fun.

From tayla williams-stewart 

Have fun 

My first 4 walks totalled 19.7km taking me from shakespear park to snow planet. All six walks totalled 27kms which nearly got me to Albany!
Liam and Josh Wiens

Hi again, GHS community!

The first entries are coming in from the School Value Challenge - nice job, Sammy and Mia!

Sammy and Mia have made a banner to say "Thank you!" to the essential workers that are keeping us safe. I think that is fantastic. Great job, you guys!

Will sent an email to his grandfather, because they can't see each other at the moment. I bet that made his day, Will. What an awesome way to accept the school value challenge for kindness ... :)

This is such a lovely idea and shows respect and kindness, as well as resilience - amazing work, girls!

Room 6 is rocking their home learning!

Way to go Abigail and Zayden!

Mason has shared a lot of pictures with his teacher, Mrs Rae. - I think he has had a lovely time during lockdown so far. What do you think?

Sophie - I didn't get an explanation with your picture: Is this how you decide what movie to watch in your house? It's very impressive!!

Beautiful picture, Cassie! 

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Week 1, term 2

Check out Ivy's amazing writing and drawing. Way to go Ivy!

It is nice to see how many students are still working really hard collecting house points for their houses - they seem to have a lot of fun doing so as well :)

Awesome, Emi wrote a recount about Easter at her house!

I love your photo collage, too.

Leilani and Rachel were busy creating ...