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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The ESOL students wrote stories about the Matariki myths - enjoy!

Once upon a time where the seven sisters lived, they zigzagged around the sun. They annoyed the red and blue star. Their dad and mum were angry and sad. Dad said, “They need a new job.” Dad called the biggest sister to get her sisters to start the new year.

By Elli from room 12, year 2

In the sky where the stars lived there were seven sisters of Matariki. They went to the sun and they zigzagged and buzzed all over the place. The blue star said, “They are so annoying!” and the red star said, “Settle down! Settle down! Settle down!” Then their mum and dad had an idea. Then the seven sisters became the sign for a new year.

By Nara from 11, year 2

Up in pitch black space with millions of stars were seven sisters who were zigzagging around all the time. Wainui and Tangotango were the parents of them. The seven stars’ names were Matariki, Waiiti, Waita, Ururangi, Tuan-a-rangi and Tupu-a-nuka.

“Come, let’s play!” one of the sisters said. They went around the other stars calling out, “You can’t catch me! Lalalala!” which annoyed the other stars. After hours of play they settled down, but not for long.

After a bit the seven sisters started to play hide and seek and tag. Ruaranga was moaning and raising his eyebrows. He shouted at them, “Stop playing your crazy games! You are annoying the others.”

Takurua had a purple face and shouted, “Stop pushing me!”

Suddenly Waita crashed into Puaranga. Puaranga had a yellow face and did not look happy.

Wainui was just about to call the seven sisters, when she heard that complaint. When Tangotanga came, he had a red face and said, “I can’t bear these complaints about our daughters.” Wainui’s lips were closed really tight and her eyes were cast down.
“What are we going to do?” said Tangotango.

For a while they were both thinking of a way to stop their daughters annoying the others. They were both embarrassed about their daughters. Then Tangotango had an idea. “Let’s make our daughters the sign of the new year!”
“Great idea” replied Wainui. They called their oldest daughter, Matariki, to get the other sisters. Wainui was happy, because they had a solution.

By Sophie, year 5

One night in our amazing galaxy seven little star sisters speedily zoomed around the area. They were like non stop, speeding Flashes. Through day and night the girls kept zigzagging and zooming with no worry about speed, time, other stars or crashing into each other.

Every morning Puanga, the rd star, spilled his very hot Starbucks on himself, because the sisters always bumped into him.
“Why dod they do this? I literally have more than twenty-five purple blisters on my face and my chest and it burns a lot!” Puanga yelled to all the other stars around the milky way.

“Settle down, you … you … you noisy children!” Takurua, the blue star, tried to yell as loud as possible, but he was unable to. He was too tired.

The other stars were wondering where the parents of the cheeky little stars were.

“Oh, my goodness”, said Wainui, “What are our daughters doing? I know that our daughters can behave much better than how they are behaving right now.” Both parents felt worried and embarrassed.

“Wainui, we need a plan. A plan to make them stop behaving like this.” …
“Ah, I know! Maybe they could be a sign for the Maori new year?”
“That sounds perfect!” said Wainui. “But where are our children?” she wondered.

“MATARIKI, COME HERE, PLEASE!” shouted Tangotango. “Could you gather your younger sisters and tell them about their new responsibilities?” Wainui asked.

Matariki told her sisters about their new responsibility and they put themselves into their new positions. So Matariki, the sign for the new year, was formed.

By Katya, year 5

Once upon a time there lived 7 sisters in the sky. They were entertaining and they zigzagged around. Then there was a problem. They were annoying the Red Star and the Blue Star. “You are annoying!” said Red Star. “Settle down!” said Blue Star. The parents looked at the blue star and the red star. They were annoyed. “They need an important job. They can be the sign for the new year.” Dad called the biggest sister and she called the little sisters.

By Vika from room 14, year 2

Daniel from room 26 is an amazing story teller. He is currently working on his first book - go Daniel!

Jake and Timmy Save Matariki

One dark and gloomy night Jake was camping with his brother in the backyard, when Jake saw a bright light falling towards earth.

So he woke his brother and they set out on Jake’s ATV. When they reached the forest, they saw the light, but it was still dim.

“This might be a rough journey”, said Jake. “Mmmm mm”, said Timmy. So they kept on going. The tree tops were getting so thick Jake could barely see. So Jake turned on his ATV’s lights. “Ahh, that’s better!” said Jake.

The suddenly a raccoon jumped out of nowhere. “AAhh! A raccoon!” shouted Timmy.
“Timmy, it’s just a raccoon!” said Jake.
“I know, Jake. Me and raccoons have bad relationships.” Yelled Timmy. So they kept on going.

The light was getting brighter and brighter. Now Jake could see a crater and a small girl. So Jake leaped out of the ATV and Timmy grabbed his bag. They rushed to the crater. All the trees were burnt, because a star had fallen out of sky and crash landed in the forest.

Jake had one look at the situation and concluded, “The poor thing is stuck on our planet!”

The brothers ran to the star and Timmy grabbed his remote control plane. Jake carefully put the star on it and Timmy flew the plane up to space – Matariki was saved.

By Daniel from room 26