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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

GHS children stay strong and do well - good job, guys!

Enjoy Tane's Explanation Text on Light:

What is light?
Light is the connection between us and the universe. White light contains a spectrum or a range of colours. Light that comes as natural light is from the sun. Artificial light is the man made source of light eg. light bulbs or a torch.

How does light travel?
Light waves don't just float around us randomly. They all come from a source. The sun is a light source. A flashlight is another. You don't usually use your TV or computer to light up a room, but they are all travelling light sources.

How do we see colour?
Not all surfaces reflect or absorb light in the same way. We are more likely to notice bright orange than a dark grey. All objects reflect light eg. rainbow ROY (red, orange, yellow) G (green) BIV (blue, indigo, violet).

By Tane

Enjoy Ivy's book, everyone! Ivy is a very young writer - what a good job!!

A big shoutout to Chloe for her awesome work on the 18k challenge!

This is  Chloe completing her 18k challenge plus her peninsula graph. Chloe and her Dad have probably completed this 3 times with the amount of biking and walking they have been doing. We found some really cool steps too in GH - 127 in total which we have done a few times now!! Chloe painted a rock saying “almost there” which we have put on one of the steps near the top.

She is also doing the Pentathlon challenge but has a couple more days to go on that so will send through when she has done her bar chart 

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