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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Enjoy the adventures of Snickers, the police cat!

Sneaky Snickers’ Adventure

“Hi, what’s your emergency?”
Once in the police station there was Snickers, the cat. He is always sneaky. Once he went to Countdown and he also went to Hoyts. Finally he went to Gulf Harbour and I’m going to tell you the story about how he got from Whangaparaoa to Gulf Harbour.

Well, firstly Snickers wanted to have a quick walk and then he saw a nice looking car. So he leaped up and went on top of the car. Then he saw a huge massive house, so he jumped and looked around the house. Then a girl named Jessica picked him up and called the police and gave him back to the police. Snickers was back home.

By Sophia Micua from the Philippines, year 5


Snickers is a police cat and it sneaked away from the police station. He went to Jessica’s house. Both cats got confused and Jessica picked up the wrong cat. At night time Snickers went out of her bed, got back and told Jessica’s cat to go back to her home. The next day Snickers sneaked into the stores and ate some cat food. He went out fast.

Then he went back to the police station and the police found him and closed the doors. It was night time and Snickers slept well.

By Dominik Berta from Hungary, year 3

Snickers’ Story

One day Snickers wanted to have a trip. So he sneaked into a bus. He arrived at Whangaparaoa and then he hoped in another bus. So he arrived in Gulf Harbour.

Then a family found him. So the police was happy.

Esther Zhan from China, year 3

Snickers’ Escape Story

One night there was a cat named Snickers. Snickers is a cat which lives in the police station. At night Snickers saw a red laser light of a security camera. Then he saw a mouse. Then he ate the mouse. When he ate the mouse, he was lost. The he found two mice and off he went to Gulf Harbour. Then he ate those two mice and he went and never went to the police station.

By Geon Lee from Korea, year 4

There was Snickers, a police cat who was lost. He went in the police car and drove away to Jessica’s house. Jessica found him and gave him back to the police.

By Dima Kuzmenkov from Russia, year 4

Snickers’ Adventure

Once upon a time there lived a cat at the police station. His name was Snickers. The police man called the cat Snickers, because Snickers loved candy and the police man loved Snickers, so he called him Snickers. Everyone was happy, until one day everything changed.

That day Snickers thought, “Hmm, why not get on the back of that black car … it will be fine, right?” When Snickers was thinking about getting in the back of the car ….. it was going to blast off! So before the car was gone, Snickers was really, really curious, so he just jumped and went for it.

When the car was moving, Snickers thought, “Where is this car going?”, he was really worried. Suddenly the car stopped and Snickers saw that he was at the library.

By Amanda Fitzgerald from Chile and New Zealand, year 4

Snickers’ Story

Snickers walked out of the police station, when the door was open. He sneaked to the Coast Plaza. He jumped on top of a car. The car went to Gulf Harbour.

Snickers jumped off the car. Snickers ran to a house. The owner had a cat that looked just like Snickers. She didn’t know which cat was hers, so she took both.

The next week she realized that one cat was Snickers. She rang the police, so they could pick him up. The police came to pick Snickers up.

That was the story of Snickers.

By Sophie Endlich from Austria, year 3

The Silly Cat

Meooow, the police had lost a cat named Snickers. He went for a walk to Countdown in Whangaparaoa. Then he moved on to the cinema fast like a super jet and then he went on moving. Then some people saw him and he saw some cat food. Then the people rang the police.

By Sarah Kinred from the Philippines and New Zealand, year 2

Snickers Gets Lost

First Snickers was a crazy cat. Snickers chased a mouse. After a while he watched a movie. Snickers was brave, because he crossed the road by himself. Snickers was so amazed about himself. Snickers went to a movie. He sneaked cat food. Snickers was in Whangapraroaoa. Snickers slept in the library. Snickers went to Gulf Harbour. Snickers and found fish. In the end Snickers was found on Shakespear Road.

By Shami Khan from Pakistan, year 2

Snickers Ran Away

On the first day Snickers found a girlfriend. He was playing with her. Then he smelled a Mc Donalds. But he didn’t follow the smell, because he smelled a fish on a boat and he jumped onto the boat. But the boat was going to Gulf Harbour. He got a little bit scared, jumped off the boat and went to Shakespear Road. He was found at Shakespear Road.

By Jiho from Korea, year 2

Snickers, The Police Cat

Snickers, the cheeky police cat, went for a walk. He smelled some yummy food. He stayed there in the kitchen at McDonalds for two days to eat the yummy food. He was so full, so he decided to go to the library to have a sleep. He smelled some flowery perfume, then he turned around and saw a girl cat and fell in love with her. They had a date in Gulf Harbour, then he went to the girl cat’s owner’s garden. But when he turned around, the cat was inside eating.  So he looked through the window, when a woman saw Snickers. She rang the police men. They were happy.

By Anna Pham from Vietnam, year 2

Snickers’ Adventures

One day Snickers chose a car and he followed it. Snickers the cat was running further and further. After Snickers stopped following the car anymore, suddenly he was lost. After Snickers went into a shop and the shop keeper gave cat food to him. Then the shop keeper recognized Snickers. The shop keeper drove Snickers back to the police station. Then the police man gave Snickers cat food and water. Snickers lived happily with his police friends.

By Ethan Chen from China, year 2

Snickers’ Adventure

One day Snickers got bored. He got some boxes. Sneakily Snickers put them on the door, opened the door and ran away. He found a brick on the road and carried it to a police car. He went inside the police station to get the keys. He went outside and got in. He put the brick on the accelerator. Next he put the car in drive.  Then he drove away. He went so fast that he crashed into the library. He jumped just in time and fell on the grass.

Now he found a motorbike and he rode away. He wanted to go home, but he didn’t have any money to buy a car.

By Shahmir Choudrhy from Pakistan, year 4

Snickers’ Adventure

Snickers the cat was walking around the police station, when he smelled some delicious cat food. He followed the smell all the way to Gulf Harbour. Snickers got lost. He spent two weeks away. Snickers was extremely missing his police friends, because they always give him his favourite foods. Then hunters chased him at Shakespear Park. He went to a nice garden and he slept and slept and slept. Finally, somebody recognized him and rang the phone. He was back home.

By Deon Cheng from China, year 2

The Missing Cat
Once Snickers the cat went into a helicopter. The helicopter flew to the middle of the ocean. Then he saw a boat with fishes in it. The cat jumped out of the window. Luckily he landed on the boat. The boat was swimming to Gulf Harbour. He went to somebody’s garden. The people saw a cat. Finally they found Snickers. They rang the police station. They were happy. The cat said, “That what I did. I went on a helicopter and I saw something swimming. I jumped on it and I was all on my own and I had nothing to eat except for fish.

By Nikolai Fedorov from Russia, year 2

Snickers chased a mouse. He ran a long way. He stole food from a plate. He found a girl friend. He played with a toy.

By Yuliya Valijeva from Russia, year 2

ESOL authors solve the Snickers mystery!

Snickers’ Story

“Ah, a beautiful morning, with breakfast chirping in the sky. I am sure nobody would mind, if I got my own food for once. Ooh, and there it is, sitting right there on the branch”, Snickers thought. He leaped up onto the tree, but the bird flew away onto another tree. Snickers didn’t get up though. He kept going after the bird. And that went on for a long time. When he finally caught the bird, it was getting late, but to his amazement a lady cat walked over to him. Her fur was different colours. She was a tortoise-shell-and white cat. The tabby was so astonished by her stunning beauty, he dropped the bird right onto the ground.

“Well, hello there!” she meowed sassily, “Looks like you are having some trouble holding on to that bird.” Snickers picked up the bird, split it in half and said,” Maybe you would like to try that yourself?”
“Why not!” she answered. They both ate the bird with pleasure, then went on to go hunting together and that carried on for a whole fortnight, until Lily, the girl cat, got injured.

Snickers went out to get some food for her. He didn’t care that it was morning and he was supposed to sleep. He kept going, until he felt like giving up. So he lay down on the grass. Then little girl raced towards him with her whole family behind her. Soon enough the police came and took Snickers where he belonged and showered him with candy.

And what about Lily you might wonder. She got better and went back to her owners.

By Noa Kroupkin from Russia, year 6

Constable Snickers

Constable Snickers is a police cat at the North Auckland police station. Snickers is a tabby with a collar around his neck. He has golden eyes.

One day, Constable Snickers set off to Mac Donalds to see, if the morning Mac Donalds truck had come around with fish. Constable Snickers crossed the busy road with ease. He jumped and dodged cars, while the cars zoomed faster than ever. Finally Snickers landed on the path next to the great yellow “M”.

Snickers sneaked through the drive through window, but suddenly he was knocked over and he landed in a bag filled with fish for a customer. Snickers was delighted to find himself in this fish heaven, but he was still terrified to have been knocked over.

At that very moment a car engine started and Constable Snickers had enough time to realize the truth before the car raced off into the busy road. Constable Snickers’ mind was racing as a fast as the car itself. His mind was so filled with terror that he didn’t even realize how long he was in the bag for. But that all ended, when the bag landed on the floor with a bang, followed by a shrilling scream, “Ah, there is a cat in my bag!”

Constable Snickers jumped up with horror and padded along the road. Far, far away he ran, until he came to a hill and a bench on the top. But what blew his mind wasn’t the beautiful, sunny view, but the elegant cat sitting on the bench, staring straight at him. Suddenly Snickers didn’t feel tired any more, instead a warm feeling ran up his skin. To his surprise the cat jumped down from the bench so gracefully and so peacefully that Snickers nearly fainted. The pretty cat walked towards him, while swishing her tail behind her. When she got close to him, she wiped the sweat of his brow with her tail. But as soon as she did that Snickers rally fainted.

When Constable Snickers woke up, a family of three had gathered around him. The little girl picked him up and held him in her arms.
“Can we keep him?” she asked. The father shook his head, “I am afraid not, my darling”, he said, ”He looks a lot like Constable Snickers, the police cat. We will have to give him back to where he belongs.”

By Evgenia Shirokova from Russia, year 6

Snickers’ Crash Landing

We Wa We Wa – there was a fire at the museum from a car crash. Snickers and the crew were rushing there as fast as lightning. They reached the building. The police helicopter landed. Snickers was curious. He hopped in and flew to the sky.

The fire caught the tail of the helicopter and it was now crash landing in Shakespear Park. Snickers was smart; he knew that the helicopter had a high chance of blowing up, so he jumped out of the helicopter and ran off.

Twenty-six minutes later Snickers was hunting for food. He was as hungry as a million dinosaurs trying to much everyone. Without warning Snickers heard a tremendous BOOM! That gave him a shock. It was the helicopter  that had blown up from the crash landing.

Snickers belly was hurting so much that he felt like eating himself, because he was starving. So he decided to take a nap to get his mind off him starving. “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”, Snickers snored away.

At the same time the ploice was looking for Snickers, but couldn’t find him. They searched everywhere: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, the cinema and behind bushes. But they had no chance.

When the police was on the look out for Snickers, they got a call that someone had been robbed. So they stopped what they were doing and headed to the house which got robbed.

The police was interviewing the person who got robbed.
“Ok, man”, said the officer, “what did the crook take?”
“Fish”, answered the lady.
“Did you see the crook?”, asked the officer.
“No!” answered the lady, but right at that moment Snickers jumped out of nowhere and everyone saw him munching on a whole bag of fish ……..

By Rumi Khan from Pakistan, year 5

Why Did Snickers End Up In Gulf Harbour?

One day at the Whangaparaoa police station Constable Snickers was sleeping like always, until he heard a break in. Cats have sensitive ears, that’s why Snickers could hear the break in. So he jumped into his mini police car and rode off to go to the break in in Gulf Harbour.

Aftre he chased the crooks, he was almost home, when the crooks backup came. Then a car appeared out of nowhere and was ramming the little police car. The crooks’ car rammed Constable Snickers’ car and he crashed into a pole. He was passed out for a day. In the morning he was so confused about where he was.

After two days he found Shakespear Road and then he came back to his mini police car and realized that he walked in circles. And then he walked again, but this time, while he was walking the mini police car exploded! Luckily a family found Constable Snickers after a fortnight.

The family knew it was him, because his missing poster was on their fridge. The family called the police and the police gave the family each a badge. Constable Snickers was taken back and he is never, ever in his live going to get a mini police car again.

By Andrew Musson from South Africa, year 6

Constable Snickers’ Latest Adventure

Snickers was very curious. One day he saw a strong, bad dog that tried to eat a little dog. The little dog was a s fat as a ball. Snickers thought, “I will be a hero, if I stop this strong dog from eating the little dog!”
So he ran out of the police station, followed the strong dog and chased him for a long time. The bad dog was gone, so he asked the little dog, “What is this place?” “This is Gulf Harbour”, the little dog said.

The little dog told Snickers his name was Fat Ball, because everyone said that he was as fat as a ball. The bad dog’s name was Browny and he wanted to eat Fat Ball. So Snickers wanted to help Fat Ball. Snickers said, ”You come back to the police station with me. I think that would be a good idea.” But Fat Ball didn’t want to go there. He wanted to find a home to stay in Gulf Harbour. So they went to a house and they asked, “Is anyone in there?” The door was open. A lady said, “Oh, you are so cute. I really want you!”

But the bad dog had spied on the two friends and scared the lady. So the lady closed the door and hid inside. She said, “Oh, no! I don’t want a bad dog coming into my house.”
The bad dog said, “I will eat you! You don’t have any place to hide.”

Snickers said to Fat Ball, “It’s not working. I can’t help you.”
Every time the two friends found a new family, the bad dog scared someone from the house. So nobody wanted Fat Ball, because they knew, if Fat Ball was there the bad dog would come.

After two weeks Snickers missed his home. So he tried to go home, but he didn’t know how. Suddenly Fat ball came and said,  “ The bad dog has gone home. I am safe!” So Snickers told Fat Ball that he was missing his little cute cat house at the Whangaparaoa Police Station. Snickers walked and walked. He was so tired, so he slept under a tree and he dreamed he was back at the police station.

After Snickers was asleep, a family saw him and they took Snickers back to the police station.

By Christen Li from China, year 5

Snickers’ Adventure

Last week Snickers was very curious. That day he saw a big, fat rat that ate a big ice cream. Snickers thought, “Wow, that looks yummy!”
So Snickers quickly followed the rat. Suddenly the rat jumped into a beautiful car and Snickers jumped into it, too.

The car drove off straight away to Gulf Harbour. Snickers and the rat fought in the car. Snickers was tired, but he still wanted the big, yummy ice cream. They fought and fought. Suddenly the people saw them and they were screaming, “AAAAARGH! A mouse and an ugly cat in my car!” The people were scared. Suddenly the car crashed into another car. The rat and Snickers ran away.

Snickers thought, “I’m so tired. I can’t run anymore.” So Snickers looked for a shady spot and fell asleep.

Someone saw Snickers. “look, that was the police cat. We can take him back to the police station.”

The next day, in the morning Snickers opened his eyes. He was back in the police station.

Iris Guo from China, year 5

Snickers’ Adventure

Last week the police cat, Snickers, was lost. Snickers was so curious, he just ran to Gulf Harbour, as the police wanted to catch a bad person. He chased the police car.

After his big run, Snickers was very tired, but he still wanted to know everything about Gulf Harbour. So he ran and ran as fast as he could.

Snickers was hungry, so he ran to the candy shop. He wanted to have lots of colourful candy, but lots of people had already seen the missing poster about Snickers. So they wanted to catch him. Quick as the wind Snickers ran away.

Suddenly a strong dog came out and the dog wanted to catch Snickers. Snickers ran and ran, but he was so tired. So he went to the garden of a house and had a sleep. Then the family of this house found Snickers and called the police and gave Snickers back to the police station.

By Poseidon Fu from China, year 5

Snickers Saves The Day

“MMMM, I can smell fish. I’m just going to go for a walk”, Snickers said to his friend, the police officer. Snickers meowed and walked to Mac Donalds, where a man inside a car held out his hand to get some fish fingers. Snickers jumped onto his red car.

Suddenly a fire started inside the car. Snickers jumped in to save the man, but as soon as he was in the fire, a fire truck came with a nuclear shaped, silver tank full of water. The fire men were ready to blast the water at the fire in the car and WOOOSH! But the fire started to grow. The man in the red car fell out of the car and onto the hot, heated ground.

“AAHH! Help!” the guy shouted at the top of his lungs. While the firefighters came with their water hose, Snickers came and helped the poor man to evacuate. Smoke everywhere. Everyone’s burgers fell down onto their laps, as they were watching the action live through the windows. The waiters even asked if the customers wanted popcorn and they all got their jolly bag full of popcorn; they went back to their seats and sat and relaxed.

Everybody was very happy that Snickers had saved the man who was called Bob. – Especially Bob!

Bob decided to take Snickers home to give him some food. The next day Snickers went for a walk. But suddenly Snickers fainted. Then a girl called Jessica walked by and picked him up. She took him to her house. Her parents saw the poster of Snickers on their fridge Then they called the police and Snickers went home.

By Ritisha Rautella from India, year 5

Constable Snickers’ Latest Adventure

Two weeks ago Constable Snickers was thinking about an adventure.
“I want to have a trip to Gulf Harbour”, but he couldn’t run all the way to Gulf Harbour. He would have to catch a bus, but as he had no money, he decided to go to Mc Donald’s instead. When he was a t the drive through window, Snickers saw a female cat. The cat was like an angel, beautiful like a star. Snickers introduced himself, she did as well.
“My name is Milly”, she said. “Hello, Milly!” Snickers said, “Do you want to play tag?”
So they played tag for a whole day!

When it was about 8 o’clock, they were next to Wentworth College.
“Where are we?” asked Milly.
“Follow me!” said Snickers.

Later they walked to Four Square, because they saw lights. The lights were shining like stars. Snickers and Milly saw some teenagers scootering around. Suddenly the teenagers started chasing them all the way up to Nautilus Drive.

“I’m tired!” said Milly.
“Me too”, said Snickers.
All of a sudden a black car crashed into a sign and a man started running after Snickers and Milly. Soon they were in the black car and driving to a secret base in Shakespear park. They only got a little bit of food. The cat kidnapper didn’t feed them.

“We have to get out of here!” Snickers cried, “but how are we going to escape?”
“I have a very good idea. How about we wait until he is sleeping and then we run to a bus stop and try to jump on the top of the bus and travel back to the Coast Plaza?”
“That sounds like a great idea”, Snickers shouted like a huge speaker. Sot hey did it. Two hours later they were at the entry of Shakespear park. They walked up to Shakespear Road, but then they got very tired. So they walked up to a shady garden and they fell asleep. When they woke up, they were back at the police station.

By Miki Palos from Hungary, year 5