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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

This happens when we write outside the classroom: Pure magic! Well done, year 5 and 6 students. These texts were written at our beach days in Shakespear Regional Park.

The sparkles in the glistening, glittering, gleaming sea caught my attention.The cool, freezing, crashing, splashing sea was blue in colour, but was swelling happily.The shell’s rough, energizing surface was so fun and slippery.A cicada chorus was chirping in unison, breath taking and wonderous.The crystal clear ocean had hunting birds focusing on the lush, squishy shells.

By Jeena, Szofia, Sarah’s group


As the waves crashed and bashed against me, it summoned shells onto the beach. I felt something as the waves reached my legs. They were slapping lazily against the sandy shore.

By Emmy, Big Q, Jesse and Oliver’s group


Go explore Shakespear. Visit the ice cold water on a hot summer’s day. Experience the rough waves in the strong, bubbly water. Have fun in the prickly grass and listen to shrill bird sounds. There is sharp, but soft sand to relax on and enjoy the sounds.

By Georgia, Toby, Ruby and Bella’s group


The grass sweeps aside, as the whistling wind blows. My toes are numb from the foaming, rough waves. The warm sand comforts my numb toes.

By Millie, Alfie, Connor, Cooper and Kyah’s group


The glistening sea rubbed against my toes. The colourful shells lay at the edge of the shore, waiting to be taken in by the sea.

Lakshmi, Phoebe, Ella, Lincoln, Sarah’s group


The revitalising water is invigorating me. The prickly grass hurts, when I step on it. I was buried in the damp, cold sand. The mini tsunami hit my feet, as I shivered in the icy cold water. The scalding sun burned my feet, whilst I was walking on the sand.

By Udo, Michaela, Jess, Aiden (I think), TC, SH’s group


Sweeping, translucent shells are scattered around the curving shoreline. Those shells were cast up by the waves that are now lapping lazily against the sandy shore.

Maybe group 2?


Shakespear Park has shimmering waves and water. The foamy, rough, ice cold water makes me gasp, as a wave gives me a hug. The grass irritates us, as we stride towards the crunching of shells and waves.

By Megan, Aiden, Demi, Charlene, Almeer’s group


Beautiful beaches are gleaming in the hot summer sun. Vibrant green grass surrounds us. Shimmering waves lap onto the bright beach.

No name on worksheet group – sorry guys!


The sand was thin and soft. It felt like standing on solid air. Shakespear is a glorious place to stare at and enjoy the view of Rangitoto and Auckland city. The balmy breeze is caressing my skin and the sharp shells clitter and clutter under our feet. The ocean laps and ripples over the dust like sand.

By Macy and Eli’s group


The pukekos are dashing through the long grass. The trees are growing in this magical forest. Majestic and beautiful the beach lies, where puhutakawa trees are growing like a magical forest. It’s so peaceful here, you should come!

By team 1 – no names, sorry guys


As I arrive at Shakespear Regional Park, I see the beautiful trees and flax. As I walk along the sand, I see the sparkling, glooming, refreshing sea. It feels like I am right at home. At Shakespear I always see all types of birds, when I go on a trail here, like tuis, fantails and pukekos. There is no place I’d rather be.

By “The native squad” – whatever that means!


The glistening water was shining brightly in the blistering sun, as the people were sunbathing on the soft, sandy beach. The view went on for miles. Everyone was swimming in the clear water with a view of the city.

By Sophie, Keertan, William, Deon and Isabelle’s group


The sun shone down on the glistening water. The water was making huge swells, as it washed up on the shore. Your feet sink into the mushy sand, as you step onto it. When you step into the water, you get a chill up your spine, as jelly fish surround you.

By Alex, Nate, Sophie, Hunter, Connor


As we look out to the amazing view of Rangitoto and the city, the blue wate is so translucent and glimmering that you wish you were in it.

The glistening waves make much noise, while blinding you. The sand goes between your toes and gives you a tickle.

Group 5 – no names, sorry guys!

Walking into the place and hearing parrots on those wonderful trees is so neat. When I look straight, there is glimmering sand and shining, colourful shells.

Group 2 – no names, sorry guys!


The dotterels are protecting their precious eggs. The sand is crumbling like a cookie, as we are crushing shells under our feet. My feet skim the soft, smooth rocks on the silent, calm beach. I can feel the swift breeze go across my red, rosy cheeks. The emerald waves crash on the sandy, smooth shore. The gigantic cliffs shadow the sandy shore and the pearly ocean. The transparent worm wiggles around in the silky soft sand. The dazzling shells glimmer in the scorching hot sun.

By Nora, Alexie, Frey, Carlos’ group


I see flax bushes swaying gracefully in the wind. My whole body is caked in sand and the wind is flowing past my face.

Group 2 – no names, sorry guys!

Sea gulls are gently drifting on the wave. The forest of seaweed is hiding tiny creatures. Hitting the ice cold water makes me gasp.

By group 4 – no names, sorry!!


The shells look like clouds that have been frozen. The damp sand cools me down pleasantly. There are dainty, fragile shells and gritty sand between my toes.

By group 1 – no names, so sorry!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Enjoy these crazy good recounts by Anna, Tegan and Helena


On Tuesday in the ESOL classroom my ESOL group played a crazy game and we made a lot of noise.

First, we waited for Mrs Goodall. She said, “Ready, steady, go!”

We popped the cushions and they went, POW!

By Anna


On Tuesday I played a crazy game in my ESOL classroom and it was fun and crazy. My ESOL group is fun.

First, we waited.

Next Mrs Goodall said, “Ready, steady, go!”

Then we started to pop the air cushions. We popped the air cushions and they went POW POW POW POW POW POW POW!!!

By Tegan


O Tuesday I played a crazy game with my ESOL group in the classroom.

By Helena

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Enjoy this wonderful narrative by one of our talented young author, Hazel from room 15!


This is a wonderful piece by Alex from room 20. He captures the beauty of Shakespear Regional Park through great language choices. Well done, Alex!

     The Amazing ShakeSpear !

ShakeSpear is an amazing regency park in New Zealand that includes many fun activities and some amazing sights. At ShakeSpear we have amazing beaches, impeccable wildlife and beautiful oceans. It is so insane and we are so lucky we have it. There is so much to see and do but let's start off with the beaches. ShakeSpear is known for some of the most beautiful beaches have a look

These beaches involve soft sand, like pillows and beautiful translucent water when you stare into it you can see it shimmer as it reflects off the sun. If you like relaxing in the sun and cold gleaming water this is definitely a beach for you and we also have some unbelievable birds and that leads us to our next category witch is the WildLife. Shakespeare has some beautiful wildlife  and it includes Tuis, pukekos, Rozellas  and more. One of the most rare bird to find is the new zealand native kiwi. You will mostly find them at night and  if you’re quiet enough you can also hear them. They are one of the rarest birds in new zealand - which is why the Park Rangers catch pests to protect kiwis and other native birds. If you have never seen a kiwi this is a kiwi:

These adorable little things are endangered and there are only 68,000 of these and there alot of other birds that are endangered including the blue little penguin -  there are only 6000 of them left this is what a blue penguin looks like

And there are also many other endangered birds in New Zealand and if you walk around Shakespeare you can sometimes see traps. They  are there  to protect the birds, so this is the beautiful shakespear regional park.

Monday, 23 November 2020

A group of ESOL students has written fantastic stories based on a wordless animation they watched - enjoy!


The Monster and the Boy

The boy heard a sound, it was a quiet sound and it wasn’t an owl or a tree or the wind.He wanted to know what it was, so he turned around. He saw a big leg, a green fat tummy and a hungry  face. 

 “You are a monster!” Tom was so shocked because he thought monsters didn’t exist. He was so scared and he didn’t know what to do so he held a stick like a sword and he didn’t run away. He didn’t know why he didn’t run. Tom looked at his marshmallow that was on the stick. The monster saw the marshmallow. The monster’s eyes were very friendly. It didn’t look like it was going to attack Tom. The monster looked at the marshmallow and he stretched his long tongue and he quickly snatched  the marshmallow and ate it. Suddenly  the monster’s eyes were cute again, so Tom gave more marshmallow  to the monster, until they were gone. 

 The marshmallow ran out and Tom fell. The monster was begging but Tom was so quiet so the monster’s eyes changed. Tom thought that monster was angry and he was! It looked like an angry cat. He opened his mouth and Tom saw a row of big, shiny teeth. Finally Tom ran towards the forest, but the monster caught up to him. Tom fell down. The monster saw a pillow that looked like a marshmallow, A GIANT ONE. The monster snatched the pillow and got closer to the fire. He roasted the pillow that looked like a marshmallow. The marshmallow burned. The monster’s eyes became big. He was super sad and he frowned looking at the sky.

 By Elly Lee

Illustration by Elly Lee

 The Monster Eating Marshmallows


There was a boy named Tom. He roasted a marshmallow,but a sea monster sneaked out of the water and grumbled quickly. It looked like a scary, huge lizard. There were sharp pointed teeth in its big mouth. The huge monster looked at that yummy food. It thought “If you don’t give me that food I’m going to kill you!”

The boy turned around and looked at the big googly eyes, its big huge feet, its huge mouth and long tail. The boy was so scared he jumped off the bench and said, “Ahh! “Why are you standing here behind my back!” Tom held up the stick like a sword. Tom looked at the monster. The monster looked at the yummy food. It acted like a giant cute dog. So Tom held a marshmallow and the monster put its tongue out and ate the food. Tom said, “Why do you steal my food? I will give you food, if you do a trick. Tom said “Great job! There is the marshmallow for you.” The monster rolled over and its tail wagged. Its eyes changed, they became friendly. When the marshmallow were all gone the monster got mad. The monster growled.

It showed its sharp pointed teeth and its eyes were narrow. Themonster opened his mouth and chased Tom. The monster’s pointyteeth shone in the moonlight and he roared. The monster kept chasing Tom and he tripped over a rock. So he threw a pillow to the monster. The monster thought it was a marshmallow. The monster roasted pillow but it burned. Tom said “Ahhhh”! And he ran away.


By Benjamin Lee


The Marshmallow Monster

 The water from the lake was calm and quiet .The fire was nice and warm.There were no friends nearby ,becauseTom liked some space. Suddenly there was a calm movement in the water. It just made a quiet sound. A round green head popped out of the water. A big slimy monster sneaked up to the nice kid who was roasting marshmallows.Suddenly the boy felt a movement in the air. He thought that it was a cat, so Tom turned around. In shock he sawa huge monster. 

 Tom thought, “OMG, is this a dream? No - run! Wait, the marshmallows, I have the marshmallow, maybe he likes those.” Tom threw the marshmallows into the monster’s mouth. The monster acted like a puppy. It rolled in the wet grass, stood on his tail and he jumped onto his feet. Now he wagged his tail slowly and looked expectantly at Tom.

 Tom threw more marshmallows, until they were gone. The monster waited, but he didn’t get anything. So the monster got mad. He had angry eyes. He growled. He had a mad face. His mouth had big shiny teeth. But then Tom ran and ran. He saw a pillow. The monster thought it was a big marshmallow. So Tom threw the marshmallow away. Tom ran.

 The monster got the pillow. The monster thought, “This is a big and delicious marshmallow!” He got close to the fire and with his own eyes he saw the pillow burn down into tiny little pieces.

 He felt a tear drop on his face. 

 By Gabriel Walfrido


The Night of the Monster

 A camper was roasting yummy s’mores at night in the woods. Those woods were safe - or were they? It was a very dark night, not even the moon was shining light. Something dangerous slowly emerged from the lake. First his top fins, next his ugly eyeballs and next his naked abs were showing. He was looking at the camper with his menacing eyeballs. The camper turned around slowly and he gasped. He looked at the monster’s razor sharp teeth.

 The camper was using his s’more as a sword and the creature stopped attacking, when he  looked at the marshmallow. The boy threw the marshmallow into the monster’s mouth and he loved it.  Suddenly the monster started acting like an overgrown dog. First he rolled over, then he stood on his tail. He grabbed the marshmallows with his super long frog-like tongue. Finally the camper got the last marshmallow out of his bag and the monster ate the camper’s hand - or did he? The camper pulled his hand out of the creature’s sticky, gooey, slimy mouth.

 All of a sudden the monster looked like a terrifying beast. He started growling at the boy and the boy decided to run for his life. The boy fell dramatically onto the grass, he thought, “Mummy! Please, don’t eat me! I can use the pillow as a shield to protect myself.” But the horrifying creature looked at the pillow and thought it was the biggest marshmallow ever. So the sea monster took the pillow, while the camper ran away into the woods. At last the monster sat near the fire and tried to roast the pillow, however the pillow burned to its death. The monster started crying like a baby.

 By Mateo


Monday, 16 November 2020

The Lake - Michaela comes up with a wonderful idea for a plot: Her character discovers that she can breathe under water

 It was spring 2014 when I first realised I could breathe underwater. It all started when me and my family went on holiday to the lake. We weren’t rich, but we weren’t poor. We were just in the middle. At the lake we had the best lodge because my parents wanted to spoil my big sister and I. 

I really liked swimming. When we got there, I unpacked, then I changed into my togs and bombed into the lake with a big splash. There were two kids swimming, so I went under water and swam to them and said “hi” they said hi too. Soon we became friends. Their names were Clare and Isla. Isla was sporty, competitive, and she was fourteen, just like my sister and Clare she was just like me. 

When I hopped out of the lake, I introduced Isla to my sister called Nelita and later I played with Clare. After that I invited their family over for dinner they said yes. Nelita and Isla played hockey and me and Clare played.

The next day we went to the lake together me and Clare went looking for treasure and Nelita and Isla went swimming. Then when we  got  so deep, I didn’t even need a breath. But Clare had to get a breath. Then I tried to open my mouth and inhale. Because we were really deep, I didn't think that I could breathe underwater then I gasped and I could really breathe underwater. Luckily no water got in my mouth, I was scared at first, then I wasn't  I went up to the surface then I quickly ran to Clare and said “I can  draw in air! Come check!" We quickly ran in the lake and I breathed underwater. She was shocked. Then I showed everybody at the lake, one person actually told the news reporter and I got on the news right after the weather. It was absolutely amazing when we got home. My Dad got a promotion so we got more money and the first thing we bought was a pool!

Maya did some research on the spotless crake


*Spotless  crake

-Spotless crakes live in dry forests on some islands including,The kermadec island,Poor nights,Tiritiri matangi, And motuara


-They feed on seeds,fruits,and leaves of aquatic plants,they also feed on insects such as worms,snails,spiders,beetles, ect.


-Spotless crakes are small water birds.They are rarely seen and their population numbers are unknown.


-They make bubbly sounds, like a short “pit pit” a repeated “mook” or a long trilling “purrrr” 


-They have a very dark appearance with brown plumage on the upper part of their body and dark bluish grey underneath