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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Year 3/4 Poetry Recital Finalists - Room 23

Tayla is disappointed - her mum stays the same old mum, even if she is changing into something else!?

Mary just wants to get rid of boys .....

I don't know why, but I have the feeling Sasha is not entirely happy ....?

Udo shares a poem about the smells we all love ....

Year 3/4 Poetry Finalists - Room 22

Alexie should see a doctor - or is she just sick of school ....?

Adam is looking forward to Christmas - I'm sure Santa won't overlook him!

Alyssa recites a poem about a lovely Christmas tradition

Cheyenne shares a mouthwatering hymn to fries

Year 3/4 Poetry Recital Finalists - Room 21

Eleanor shares a delightful account of a day in a cow's life: MOOO!

Ben has chosen a classic for us: The Eagle by Tennyson

Sophie just has soooo many questions - thank goodness she attends a really good school ;)

Hold on to your limbs! Bonnie scares us out of our wits with The Crocodile by Roald Dahl

Year 3/4 Poetry Recital Finalists - Room 20

Wynn reciting a poem about the mysterious wind

Victoriya tells us how the sorting hat at Hogwart came about

Mylo delights us with a poem about Pokemons that he composed

Emma shares her concerns with us: Is her Dad Count Dracula?

Year 3/4 Poetry Recital finalists 2018 - Room 19

Toby reciting a poem about his dog and his cat

Kaiya sharing a poem about inner beauty - so true!!

Zoe reciting a poem about alligator pie .... delicious!?

Katya with a poem about the sea