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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Amazing work, Hazel! Learn about saturn with this outstanding report by Hazel, a room 15 writer


In case you wonder what pet to buy - a cat or a dog - here are more reports by year 4 ESOL students that might be helpful:

 Do you need help picking a pet?

My report will help you  choose the right pet

for you. Kitties are fluffy little animals, playful little balls. 

Puppies are so cute and furry, but when they grow up, they are hard to look after.


Dogs  need registration , leads, more food than a cat,collars and toys. Cats need not much food, litter boxes and  a bell on their collar.

So what pet should you pick, which one is more expensive?


If you  want a dog you need to think about  which one needs more work. If you are a busy  person, a dog is not for you.        

Let’s think about Dogs If you have a fluffy dog you really need to brush and comb them. You have to wash them, They're not  cats for they can  be very fluffy AND dirty. You also have to walk them(well pick up poop), feed them and play with them. Now let’s talk  about cats. Cats are much easier to look after. You don’t need to walk them, wash them or pick up poop. But you have to clean their litter box  and maybe play with them. Oh yeah! Please, feed them.

Give them a healthy amount of food.


So now you understand which one is more expensive and harder to look after.


If you are a busy person a cat is for you, if you want a loyal friend then a dog is for you.dogs are very playful

And cute. Cats are cute too, cuddly and playful(sometimes). A cat can sleep 20 hours a day  so if you leave your house for a long time a cat is a perfect pet for you.


I think  you should  get a cat because cats cost less than dogs, they need less work and less company.


By Vika


Have you thought about what animal you are going to buy, a cat or a dog? 

Dogs are playful and also adorable and a good family pet.  Cats can be very cute and playful and adorable and cuddly. My report will help you to choose what is the better pet for you.


How much do dogs and cats cost?  If you buy a dog you will have to register them.

The initial adoption fee for cats and kittens is often less than that of dogs. Cat food, cat toys and other cat supplies are also generally cheaper. Cats need a lot of toys to keep them busy.

They are less expensive.


Did you know that cats and dogs are a lot of hard work? Dogs and cats  have to eat about 2 times a day . Sometimes they want to eat in  the morning, afternoon and evening.

Cats clean themselves, so you will rarely have to bathe them. Cats don’t need to be taken outside in the middle of the night as they have a litter box. Cats can be left alone longer than dogs as they don't need to go outside. Cats make great pets for people that work all day or that live in an apartment. Dogs can be trouble sometimes in your home.


Cats are fun to play with and very cuddly and fluffy. They are  good company, very funny and adorable. Cats are wonderful pets and will love you forever. Dogs are very good company they love to play with you. Dogs will always protect you when you are  ln trouble. Dogs will be your friend forever.


I think  if you work a lot I will suggest that  you buy a cat for yourself. I think if you don't work a lot you can buy a dog for yourself. 


By Ashleigh



I think that cats are the cheaper pets, because dogs cost way more money than cats. Dogs need registrations, but cats don’t need one.


If you don’t stay home that often, you should buy a cat. It is fine, if you go. But if you buy a dog, your dog will howl a lot and your neighbours will complain about it.


Also you don’t need to clean your cat, but you have to clean its litter box and play with it. All in all dogs are way more work than cats. You have to walk them and pick up their poop. When they are dirty, you have to clean them.


But dogs are super good company. They play with you and look after you, when you are sad. When cats are getting older, they like to sleep more often. Sometimes your cat chooses if it wants to come and play with you or not.


My opinion is that looking after a cat is way easier than looking after a dog.


By Cherry


Have you ever wanted a cat or a dog? Well  In this text you will find out if you want a cat or a dog. Cats are like little bodys of fuzzballs. But dogs are really cute and good company if you're alone.


Now I will tell you what to buy for a cat. You will need a litter box, some toys, food and a bed.   A dog owner has to buy water, food, a bed and dog registration. Registrations for dogs 

are really important and expensive.


We need to walk a dog with a pooper scooper to pick up the poop. We need to take out a puppy several times in the night, so they can have a pee. When they are excited, they want to play. Both cats and dogs need to be fed. Some cats poop outside, but some cats have a litter box that needs to be cleaned. You need to play with your cat.


Dogs are really good company, because they really want to play with you. It feels like they never stop. Cats mostly sleep a lot, so you won’t be able to play with them when they sleep. 


I think a cat is better because a cat owner does not have to pay a registration fee and they are really expensive. 


By Dandre






Wow, Zane's report on orcas is amazing. What a champion year 1 writer!


Check out room 16 hard at work during their web meeting ... ;)

 I love this screenshot of you guys - you certainly seem to have a lot of fun!

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Room 16a rocks: Thank you for your hard work at home! There is so much learning happening - Wow!

Awesome work, Toby! I love your Maori nursing rhyme - well done. 


My Planet Report by Zachary





Did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Also Jupiter has 79 moons - Earth only has one!  In this report I looked at facts on Jupiter, this includes similarities and differences to Earth, what it looks like and how it got its name. 


My name is Zachary and this is my report on Jupiter. 



The planet Jupiter is a gas giant. It is made out of helium and hydrogen, the other gas giants are Satun, Uranus and Neptune. Guess what! The planet Jupiter has red, blue, brown and white coloured bands from its gas. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun. The radius of Jupiter is 69.911 kilometers; this is the distance from the  middle of Jupiter to it’s outside.      


Exploration and Discovery

Jupiter was named after the Roman god of thunder. Space probes have visited Jupiter; the first space probe was Pioneer 10 in 1973. `Because Jupiter is so bright it has been seen for years and was not discovered by anyone, However it was first seen by telescope in 1610 by Galileo.    



Similarities and differences to Earth

Jupiter is 11 times bigger than Earth. Which means if Earth was a ping pong ball Jupiter would be like a  beach ball. Jupiter isn’t solid because of its gas and Earth is solid. Did you know Jupiter has rings and Earth doesn't. These rings are made of ice, rock and dust. Like Earth Jupiter has storms but they are much stronger than Earths. Because the winds blow at 360 km/h,like a Formula 1 car going around a race track. In pictures there is a big blue spot on Jupiter, this is the magnetic fields they are 11 x stronger than Earths.         



Conclusion; I felt excited to learn about Jupiter. Because I found  interesting facts on the gas giant  Jupiter. So I have completed my report and I hope you learned something new. Here are some pictures for you to look at.

Outstanding, Zachary!!

Monday, 13 September 2021

Look at the work our dinosaur experts have been doing. Paleontologists in the making ...

Thank you, Mrs Ayers, for sending in these fantastic pieces of work: Dinosaur reports and a volcano. 

Samuel and Gabriel have written informative pieces and illustrated them beautifully:

Laith has written this amazing report about diplodocus - Nice work, Laith!

Wihan was inspired to write a fantastic story about a paleontologist. Fantastic, Wihan!! I LOVE your title.

The year 1 and 2 ESOL students have worked on their dinosaur studies - and man they are very impressive dinosaur experts. Mrs Goodall learned a lot!

However, we have also had some fun dreaming up our favourite dinosaur pet or going on a dinosaur hunt.

By Grace, room 13

By Grace, room 13

By Levi, room 3

 By Jona, room 3

A friend was wondering what pet to buy: a cat or a dog? I am sure my year 3 and 4 ESOL students will help her choose!

 My report is about cats and dogs. I am writing this report to help you pick what pet to choose. Kittens look like very cute balls of fur and are different colors. Some Kittens are skinny and some are fat. Puppies are cute and cuddly.Some are small and some are big. They are different colors as well as cats.    Have you ever thought about what pet is better for you? 


Dogs cost more than cats because they need a registration fee. Dogs and cats need to go to the vets. Both cats and dogs need toys, food and water.


Let's think about how much work they are. Dogs need you to pick up poop and you need to train them and walk them. Cats need you to clean the litter box and sometimes you have to brush them. 


Dogs always want to play with you and cuddle with you. Dogs are loyal friends and they also can protect you if you are in danger. Cats want to play with you if they feel like it but people like cuddling them. It is very soothing to pat a cat and sometimes they can roll up into fluffy balls of fur. Dogs and cats  are both adoraball with nice little hearts. 


I think you should get a cat because it will be easier to have at home and you will be able to do more work. But if you don’t have that much work I would prefer you to get a dog.  


By Andrei from 16a


With the help of this report I am going to help you choose what is the better pet for you. Kittens are playful and when they roll up into balls, they are soft balls of fur. Puppies are cuddly and steal your heart with their cute faces and playful, funny games. Have you ever asked yourself what would be the better pet for you: a cat or a dog?


Dogs cost more than cats, because dogs eat more and the registration fee costs a lot. 

Cats cost less, but you still have to pay for what cats need. For example cats need 

food, water, a collar, a bed, vaccinations and vet visits.


How much work are they? You need to walk dogs, train them, play with them, wash them and pick up their poop.

You have to play with cats, and you have to clean their litter box.


I think dogs are the best company, because when you want to play with them dogs 

will play with you. Not like cats because they think you are the pet, so the cat chooses 

if they want to play with you.


I think dogs are good pets for people that do less work away from home. In my opinion cats would be better pets for people that do more work away from home. Cats sleep a lot, more than dogs, because they like to play.


By Damon, room 17


Cats  and dogs

Have you ever wondered if  you should choose a cat or a dog?

Dogs are cute like teddy bears and very playful and curious but sometimes they need a lot of work. Cats are playful, little and very sleepy animals.


This report is going to help you to choose the right pet.


If you want a dog you need more money to pay for the registration feed leeds, food, collar, vet, bed, toys. The cat’s owner needs  to pay for toys bed litter box, the litter and the toys ,the vet ,food and an leed with an bell on it.


Dogs are a lot of work. You have to groom the dog nearly every day and walk it nearly every hour, pick up poo, train the dog and play with him. You have to play cuddle games and vacuum your house nearly every day if you have a fluffy dog.


If you want a cat, you need to pay for the cat food and toys that look like a fish on a fishing rod. You need to make a bed for the cat and pay for the vet and you need a collar with a bell because it catches birds.                                                                 


I think a cat would be better for you because you have a lot of work so that's why a dog would be lonely.


By Elli, room 18


Watch this space - there are more reports to come!