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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Room 22 is helping Mrs Goodall to find the right family dog - thank you Devereux, this is so informative!

By Devereux Keil

If you want to get a labrador you need to make sure you know about it.  This report will help you make a decision.

Labradors have loads of energy if you want to get a labrador you need to take it for walks for 30-40 minutes a day.  Not just walks but also swimming and chasing a ball.

Labradors can be easy to train because they are intelligent dogs.  Labradors can be trained to be guide dogs for people that can not see.  If you don't train them they could get very naughty and possibly chew your shoe.

Labradors come in different colors including jet black,chocolate brown and golden yellow.  Labradors have short coats so they don’t
need much grooming.

With all the information you have about labradors you need to decide if it is a good choice for your family or not.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Enjoy the adventures of Slimey by Deon Cheng from room 21

The adventures of Slimey
Once upon a time there was a witch. One day she threw lots of things inside her cauldron. BOOM!!! The witch came outside and threw the potion on herself.She thought she had mind control powers,but a small slime formed.the small slime bounced on her and the witch died.The slime now bounced all the way from the jungle. Slimey tried to get through but there were guards blocking the entrance. Slimey bounced on the first guard and the others ran away. Slimey mind controlled the drivers to crash into a iceberg. Slimey jumped off the titanic as fast as lightning and went to land. He then met two endermans which is Mr. Enderman and Dark Enderman.

The adventures of slimey part two
When slimey met Mr.enderman and dark enderman they became best friends.One day they traveled a long way from their land to the jungle which is now called slimey jungle.they made hundreds of slime potions and enderman potions.They traveled back to their land and threw the potions everywhere.Slimes and endermans formed quickly and they started to make buildings.Slimey,mr.enderman and dark enderman forced the other slimes and endermans to make them crowns or keep on building.The group then built hundreds of buildings and some made golden crowns.The group saw on slimey internet a flock of flying robots heading for them.Slimey then said lets build a giant wall around us so we are safe!Everybody agreed and they soon made a giant wall made out of slime cubes and end stone.BOOM!!!the group heard a loud a explosion.Just almost a missile went through the wall.Some savage slimes and endermans went up up up there to fix the broken bits of the wall.While some are fixing the wall the others are making some houses and good gear.they soon they got lots for everyone to share.BOOM!!!!soon another explosion happened and robots flooded in.all of the group killed half the flock of robots and keeped on fighting until there was no more robots.A slime found some videotapes in a dead robot.One of them said 14667 and the slime got confused what that means.Luckily two endermans are using another dead robots spare parts to make a good guy robot.A hour later the good guy robot was finished  it knows what the videotape says.The robot translated it and it said it says defeat the slimes and endermans.

By deon cheng:)

Monday, 6 August 2018

Shami Khan is ready for the cross country race, 'My shirt flew up like an invisible nothing inside me.'

100 Laps challenge in total  

After lunch at school, my whole class gets ready to run around the courts. My teacher gives us a cards and we run around the courts then come back and she will do tally marks on the card.

In total I have 76 laps, when I run, the wind blows in my ear like a cheetah running over me. My hair flew up. My classmates  were just walking and talking like a old person depressed. My shirt flew up like a invisible nothing in side me. After the laps I said to my teacher, “Can I do one more ?” she said, “No, let's go back to class” AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

By Shami Khan