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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown: April 8th

Athena, that is a wonderful story! A lockdown fairy tale ....

Well done, Nico! You won 30 points for Kawau for your correct answers to Mrs Goodall's questions about the blog! 

Check out the questions from yesterday's blog and make some house points for your team, too, you guys!

Mrs Harrison has caused a lot of turmoil in Gulf Harbour's kitchens - in the best possible way!

Ellen, did you try that dough by any chance ....? 

Clio's bunny carrot cake - it can't get more "Eastery" than that ....

GHS can do healthy eating as well as amazing treat food, nice job, guys!

Oscar and Kobe are super busy this lockdown. 

Nice work, Monte - Tiri is proud of you!!!

Mrs Goodall is still waiting for results for her teddy hunt challenge - good luck for your bear hunt!! 

Mrs Southgate's Art and Craft Challenge is in full swing!

Whole families are busy painting and creating - outstanding!!

So nice to see that people are reading as well :)

Lego Challenge accepted by .....

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