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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Madison Brown aka Papa Bear is desperate - how can you keep this pesky Goldilocks person out of your house?

We need some upgrades

Dear Bear Living,
It is Daddy Bear here and I am complaining about the bratty child named Goldilocks.  
She breaks into our house, she steals from us and she brings her friends and has a party.  We need some security upgrades!

Firstly we need some security upgrades because she will break into our house daily. She says she just opens the door. All the fancy bears these days have locks she says that is what we need. I think we need that alarm thing too, the ones that humans have. That would keep her out! Most of all we need a security camera that will record her.

Secondly she steals from us. She has stolen our porridge mixture and comes back for more everyday. She also eats Baby Bear's porridge all up, so when we get home Baby Bear has nothing to eat. She steals Baby Bear’s chair and if she doesn’t steal it she breaks it. She will quite often sleep in Baby Bear's bed if she is tired until we get home and throw her out.

Lastly, whenever we go to Poppa and Grandma Bears for dinner she will bring her friends and have a party. They eat our food, drink our water and leave the house in a state. This is another reason why we need locks, alarms and security cameras.

I hope you will think about giving us some security upgrades as we need them A.S.A.P

Kind regards

Daddy Bear

Monday, 27 November 2017

Please, listen to Room 19! Protect our oceans!

Have you been to the beach and seen any plastic? This is going to be a big problem if we keep on littering.

There is over 800,000 pieces of plastic in the ocean. You can’t get rid of plastic because if you try to burn plastic it will make toxic gases. Three billion people rely on the ocean as their food support. Plastic trash can last almost forever and it can go across the world. When plastic makes its way into our ocean the currents carry it all around the world.

Plastic is destroying our earth because it is starting to kill animals making them extinct. Plastic also kills nature. It is so sad to see animals dying from eating plastic this is why i wanted you you how plastic is destroying our earth.

By Alyssa Tolhopf

Did you know that nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists. There are 400,000 or more pieces of plastic in the water.

The animals die because they eat and digest the plastic and get sick or die. Every kind of plastic is waterproof and floats around the earth. If you throw a piece of plastic on the ground it could end up in our food chain.

Plastic is destroying our earth each minute. You need to know this because plastic is bad for us and the animals around us. What we can do to stop this happening is to refuse, reduce, reuse or recycle.

By Hayley Stirling

If you saw a piece of plastic on the ground would you pick it up or just leave it? This is not a common question, but today i will be talking about some issues about plastic.

One of the most damaging effects of plastic is that animals die and we are polluting the earth. 100,000 animals die because of plastic. Animals ingest something called micro-plastic which are pieces of plastic that are broken down from decades. Also, Nano-plastics are micro-plastics that are broken down even smaller. These can enter fish body cells and affect their survival skills, reproduction and immunity. Because of this the sea animals can become extinct!

Plastic was invented in 1950. Plastic is still around and it is getting even worse. We use 250 million tonnes of rubbish each year. Our tremendous attraction to plastic isn’t getting better. The plastic rubbish that was made in 1950 are still around because it takes 500 years for it to break down. If we don’t stop just imagine how much rubbish would be on our earth in 2050. There are not many ways we can fix it because if we burn it toxic gases are made.

We NEED to find a way to stop it. Humans are destroying earth and that is not ok. So remember, refuse, recycle and reuse.

By Alisa Bambery

Have you ever seen a beach with no plastic on it? Plastic is taking over the world.

A plastic bottle turns into micro-plastic and micro-plastic turns into nano-plastic and fish eat it.

One piece of plastic takes 500 years to break down that is why plastic is bad for our world.

By Joni Buckley

It is not just sea animals it is also birds eating plastic. I will tell you why.

Plastic goes in the ocean and the wind pushes it and it is moved round by the ocean waves.  The sea animals eat the plastic because it does not break down because it is not biodegradable.

Plastic is everywhere. We sit on it, we play with it and use it everyday. Then when we are finished with it we just throw it away.

I think it was important you know this because then there will be no more animals if we don’t stop putting plastic in the ocean.

By Curike Duminy

Room 7 are taking a stand - enjoy their persuasive texts and text excerpts!

Cyber Bullying

Imagine you are casually typing on your device, when a hate message pops up. You are thinking they are talking behind someone else’s back. But you realise, they’re talking about you. Shock shoots through you. Tears well up in your eyes. What would you feel like? What is this?

This is called cyberbullying. It is when people bully through text or email. A lot of kids and teenagers become a victim of cyberbullying. They all get emotionally hurt. 25 % of teenagers get bullied through their devices. 81% of kids think cyber bullying is easier to get away with than physical bullying. Actually all bullyings are the same.

Excerpt from text by Jasmin Ju

Is it wrong to fight? - Absolutely not!

When most people think of fighting, they think of bullying, beating up someone and war. By no means I support those reasons, but there are other types of fighting with various advantages.

First of all, wrestling is a sport, as most of you know. It is also a business. People enjoy watching wrestling. Wrestling can also support the health of wrestlers. They are more likely to have better strength and endurance than most people. Because (wrestling) is a sport, there are obviously rules preventing the wrestlers from being seriously injured. For example, in wrestling you actually get a warning, if you use an aggressive move (e.g. hitting or punching). All this makes wrestling a great sport.

Excerpt from text by David Zong

 Bullying needs to be stopped!

Do you think that bullying is wrong? I do. Bullying is terrible. It’s affecting so many people around the world, especially teens, aged 12 – 17. Here are several reasons why I strongly dislike bullying.

My first reason is it injures the person. Not just physically, but mentally, too. Their feelings could get hurt; it could lead to depression, and in some extreme cases where people are bullied about their weight, it could even lead to an eating disorder, also known as anorexia.

My second reason is that people who are bullied, sometimes consider, if not commit suicide. Studies show that 20% of people being bullied consider committing suicide and 10% of people actually do.

My third reason is that lots of people get bullied online. 58% of people say that someone has said something mean to them online and lots of people have been bullied more than once. 68 % of teens think that cyberbullying is a major problem.

So what do you think? Do you think bullying should be stopped? Today I have shown you three reasons why bullying should be stopped: Because it hurts the person mentally; they may think about suicide and lastly because of so much cyberbullying going on. Think about it! You can stop someone from bullying today. YOU can make a difference to our precious world. #stopbullying now!

By Fiona Cheng

Is it wrong to cyberbully?

Have you ever cyberbullied someone, witnessed cyberbullying or have been cyberbullied? 100% of teens answer yes to at least one of these questions. Some people cyberbully others because they will feel powerful or in control. Others do it, because it is easier to get away with bullying, when you are online. Here are a few reasons on how cyberbullying can have a huge effect on lives, not only to the victims, but on of all of those, who are close to them.

Firstly, feelings could get hurt and the victim will miss days of school which could lead to a poor education and lower grades. When feelings are hurt, you will have lower self-esteem and grow up not being able to have a friendly conversation with anybody.

Secondly, sometimes cyberbullying can lead to eating disorders. This could be a problem, because you could starve. Family and friends will be worried and most of all your brain won’t operate properly, so you could have problems at school, at home or even in public.

Thirdly, and this is the most serious consequence, some people even commit suicide. One out of five teens who have been cyberbullied think about suicide. One out of ten are successful in killing themselves. Most people who think about or commit suicide are depressed and aren’t thinking properly.

People that have been cyberbullied have their feelings hurt. Sometimes it can lead to eating disorders or it can get as serious as suicide. Remember 100% of teens answer “yes” to one of these questions.

By Joely Jones

Cyber bullying is wrong!
Cyberbullying – this is happening to 1 in 3 teenagers around the world. Have you experienced this? As technology is growing, so is cyberbullying. With so many kids and teenagers that have access to technology, cyberbullying is getting bigger and bigger.

Firstly, cyberbullying doesn’t only lead to depression, it can also lead to suicide. 1 in 5 victims of cyberbullying think about suicide and 1 in 10 attempt to. Depression, anxiety and eating disorders these are just some of the things cyberbullying can lead to.

Excerpt from a text by Madison Brown

Bullying has to stop! 
Fighting – some types can be good, but most are bad. What do you think? I definitely think that fighting should stop, especially bullying. Bullying and fighting are terrible ways to resolve problems and it usually ends with someone getting hurt. Plus, a lot of kids are scared of going to school because of bullying.

Firstly, there are many better ways to solve problems. For example, teachers and parents can be a big help and sometimes you just need to talk. Did you know that only 1 in 10 parents know when their child is bullied? This is because most kids think that telling someone will just make the bullying worse. But how else can you get the bullying to stop?

Secondly, heaps of kids are coming home hurt, but don’t tell anyone. Of course some types of fighting are for entertainment purposes, like wrestling and boxing, but any other types are not okay. And remember, fighting doesn’t just hurt people physically, but emotionally as well. Each year 4500 teenagers commit suicide because of bullying.

Thirdly, bullying can make kids so scared that they don’t want to go to school, because they know that they will get bullied. 1 million kids skip school each month because of bullying. Some kids are too scared to go anywhere because of bullying. That means that they will never learn to be around other people, so they won’t get very far in life.

In conclusion, bullying should be stopped, because it hurts people and scares them and there are many more ways to resolve problems. So next time you see someone getting bullied, be an upstander, not a bystander.

By Amelie Preece

Should Thirteen Year Olds Be Allowed To Vote?

I think thirteen year olds shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Firstly, most thirteen year olds are not responsible enough to vote. Thirteen year olds haven’t fully developed and their brains don’t fully develop till their twenties. And so they are not mature enough to vote. They will muck around and choose any party, because there might be a girl that they like. Also thirteen year olds are very influenced by their friends.

Secondly, they are not old enough to be thinking about paying the mortgage, transport and those sorts of things. What I am trying to say is that thirteen year olds don’t care about parties and politics and they have no reason to vote and it doesn’t effect them.

Lastly, as I have already said, thirteen year olds shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because they are not mature enough and they have no reason to vote. So please, don’t allow this change to happen.

By Grace Hamblett - Davison

What a fantastic idea: Room 19 applies their geometry knowledge to create some funky, very shapely characters!

My shapes name is Crowbar Dodecahedron. He has 12 faces which are all Pentagons and 20 vertices. Crowbar Dodecahedron has a scar on his eye and sharp pointy teeth like a shark. He has a bright red face like a cherry and eyes the colour of lava. He likes to eat fish and people and can get angry very easily. Every time he gets angry he gets eviler.
He robbed a bank in South Africa at 1 o’clock in the morning. He had some dynamite and he blew open the front door. As soon as he did the alarms started ringing but Crowbar smashed the alarm box and they stopped. He took 1 million diamonds from the bank and then the police came but he smashed a window and jumped out.
The police eventually caught him and he spent 2 years in jail.

The end

By Lucas Conway

Mr Mean is a Triangular Prism. He has 3 square faces and 2 triangle faces and he is a 3 dimensional shape. Mr Mean wears a brown hat and he has really smelly breath. Mr Mean is lonely, sad, mad and evil.
Mr Rectangle helped him rob a bank they got 1 million dollars and then 2 hundred more dollars. The bank was right next to his house so he waited till it was night time and there were no guards around. Then, he ran into the bank with Mr Rectangle and grabbed the money. But then, the alarms went off and they were surrounded by police. They pretended to put their hands up but they sneakily put dummies of themselves in front of them to trick the cops. It worked! They quickly ran out the door.
Mr Mean and Mr Rectangle both brought 100 houses and then ran out of money so robbed 100 more banks.

The end

By Kade Harris

My shapes name is Lapasemo and he is Triangular prism. He has 5 faces, 3 are squares and 2 are triangles. He has six vertices. Lapasemo has 4 big cuts and a big graze on his forehead. He has really big mean red eyes. He has a mouth with rotten sharp teeth and one of them is gold.
One night Lapasemo was walking through town. Suddenly 5 guards dropped down from a taret. But before the guards to fire their guns Lapasemo shot them all except one who ran off. The next day the guard put a poster up around town so they could find Lapasemo.
Lapasemo saw the posters and he started to rip them all down so nobody would know that he shot the 4 guards.

The end

By Morgan Batt

One Day I heard that there was a clown at the shops. Her name was Pyramid Penny she has a deep grumpy voice which is super scary. Pyramid Penny had 5 faces, 3 are triangles and 1 is a square. She has 3 lines of symmetry and 4 vertices.
Pyramid Penny planted a boom in london one dark and stormy night at 10:14pm.


Skeleton Boy is a Rhombic Prism. He has 6 faces which are rhombuses and 8 vertices.
He has a skeleton scar on his forehead and very sharp golden teeth like a jaguar. He has 1 scar on each cheek and very angry eyes because they are big and black.
He has sharp pointy hair that can hurt you if you touch it, just like a hedgehog.
He robbed 100 New Zealand banks and stole lots of money and his getaway vehicle was a speed boat. He put all his money in a secret bunker which was in the dirt underneath his house. But his bunker got full with all of the money he stole so he had to dig 100 more bunkers to put extra money in.
He used some money to make his speed boat even bigger and went to South America to live and to plan to rob more banks.

The end

By Cody Stanley

Setro Kiba is a pentagonal prism. He has 7 faces, 5 are rectangles and 2 are pentagons. He has 10 vertices and is symmetrical. He has a very pointy nose and glowing red eyes. He likes to steal things like money and computers. He steals computers because he can get smarter and he steals money to get more rich.
He stole 50 computers from a computer shop in South Africa during a rainy dark night. But when he got to the door to leave there were police surrounding the shop. But he climbed up the ladder to the roof and flew away in his helicopter and he was laughing.
10 years later, he stole 100 more computers and robbed more banks.

The end

By Damien Du Toit

Ella villian Megacube has blonde wavy hair that looks like it has been dyed too much. She has a small pimple under her right eye and a pink lipstick she always carries. She is a symmetrical shape and has 6 sides. Ella is selfish, uncaring and has no experience with being nice. Ella is the oldest in her family, she has a younger sister called Scarlet cube-a-kill and a brother called Naughty spiral. She has done lots of stuff in her life but here is the worst. She lit a fire at bike warehouse in Brisbane Australia at midnight last Tuesday. Then she stole keys to a helicopter and flew to Brazil to steal $100,000 of jewellery. Then she sneaked into the famous designer Miss Fiona Circles house and hacked her bank account and stole 14 million dollars!

The end

By Alisa Bambery

My shapes name is viper. He is a pyramid with 4 triangle faces and 1 square face. Viper wears a pitch black beanie, an eye patch and has spikes for a nose. His teeth are old grey and rotten.
He robbed a bank in Auckland at midnight last Saturday. He flew his helicopter and landed on the roof then he climbed down the chimney into the bank. He slowly sneaked through the doors and put all the money in his big beige sack. When he crept back through the doors there were guards at the door but luckily they did not see him. He climbed back up the chimney but his helicopter was not there. Luckily he had a spare helicopter at home but when he called it it did not come. A few minutes later the police caught him and took him to prison for 10 years. After that he was good for the rest of his life.

The end

By Joni Buckley

My evil shapes name is Professor Evil Pyramid. He has 4 triangular sides, 1 square side and 5 vertices. He has dark dirty black hair and thick spiky eyebrows. One of his eyes are gone and in its place is a black eyepatch. He has lots of red scars down his face and a brown fuzzy beard. He also has two yellow teeth and his clothes are blue and ripped. He has a large belt under his jacket that holds a gun and a bag of stolen money.
One cold night in England, Professor Evil Pyramid decided to rob the main bank. He crept through the streets to the bank. Then he picked up a rock and smashed the window. He hopped inside, and looked around and thought to himself, WOW! Look at all this money and diamonds!
Ne naw! Ne naw! Ne Naw! Went the alarm. Professor Evil pyramid knew the police would be on their way so he filled his jacket pockets with diamonds, jewels, money and credit cards and ran!
He jumped back out the window and crept back into the darkness. “Stop where you are!” shouted the police. But Professor Evil pyramid just smiled mischievously and clicked his fingers. Suddenly, his invisible car zoomed towards him, he jumped in and sped off. “Catch him!” shouted the police chief. But Professor Evil pyramid was a top speed and he sped off to the desert where nobody saw him again.

By Zoe Muller

There was a bad shape in the wild west and his name was hexagonal prym. He was a hexagonal pyramid with 6 triangle faces and 1 square face. He was a 3D shape with one line of symmetry. Even though he was a pyramid he was not very tall at all. His moustache and beard were as black as coal. He had a miserable mouth with a permanent frown. Hexagonal had scars as red as fresh apples. He had fat bushy eyebrows as black as the night sky and a nose as small as a pea. He had a muddy brown horse named spindle.
Hexagonal wasn’t a nice shape. He didn’t have the sparkle in his eye anymore and hadn’t smiled in years. He just walked around with a frowny face.
One calm day, hexagonal was walking around when an idea popped into his head. He thought he might rob a bank. At 12pm that night, hexagonal got into his darkest clothing and tiptoed out of his cavern. As he reached the town bank he decided to take a peep inside to see if anyone was there. He then decided to open the door, unfortunately for him it made a big CREAK! and set off the alarm. Hexagonal grabbed as many bags of gold as he could then raced to the door but they had closed and locked. Then he tried the emergency exit but that was locked too. He the tried climbing through the windows but they were all locked. He searched through his pockets to see if there was anything useful. Hexagonal found a rope with a gravelling hook at the end. ‘This could be handy’ he thought to himself. Hexagonal could hear stomping coming from down the corridor so he knew he had to hurry. He spun the rope around his head catch the edge of the roof. When it finally caught onto the fan he swung on the rope and shot out the hatch on the ceiling. Now it was 1:15 in the morning. As hexagonal crept through the darkness, something flashed past. It was Spindle! “good boy Spindle” whispered Hexagonal. He climbed on his back then galloped towards his cavern. When he arrived it was 1:30 in the morning so he was very tired. Pyrm slipped between the covers and drifted off to sleep with a mischievous smile.

The end

By Elsa Maddock

A long time ago there lived a shape called Pyramid. He had 4 sides and 4 vertices and was symmetrical. He had a moustache as long as a ruler. His beard and hair were the colour of rotten apples. He had huge bushy eyebrows as thick as chocolate cake and nostril’s as big as ping pong balls. Pyramids skin was as pale as an ice cream cone and he wore a muddy brown hat. He also wore lots of medals which he has clipped on his shirt.
He had a brilliant horse called sprite.

Pyramid hated shapes that would help him or even get close to him. He wasn’t a nice shape he was mean, rude and horrible. This was all because something happened to him long ago in 1968. The town was in a deep sleep.

The use of metaphors by these room 24 writers is very impressive and I think a few people will be very moved!

  My mum
           By Lucia Preece

My mum is a genie granting my wishes all day long
My mum is an artist concocting colorful pieces of magic all day long
My mum is the golden flower from rapunzel curing me when i feel sick
My mum is google continually answering all my questions
My mum is a valt protecting all of my family
My mum is spring blooming on me every morning
My mum is mother nature she just has to click her fingers and everything grows perfectly
My mum is perfume made out of sugar spice and all things nice
My mum is a professional chef in the making
My mum is the most  valuable diamond in the world because  i would never trade her for anything
My mum is a torch lighting my way through the dark times in life

My Dad
My Dad is a  rugby ball tough, and  strong. And when ever someone is in his  way he will knock them out.
My Dad  is the king of the castle telling everyone what to do.
My dad is a cuddly teddy bear always giving us  hugs.
My dad is a   cheetah   alway chasing after me.
My dad is a tickle monster always making me laugh.
My dad is a taxi  always driving me to netball
My dad is an artist always draw awesome pictures.

By Addison Dent

My mum

My mum is a vacuum tidying up my messes.
My mum is a chef always making the yummiest foods
My mum is a diamond shining above the rest
My mum is a superhero appearing everywhere i go
My mum is a queen ruling the castle
My mum is a blossom   that smells so sweet
My mum is a cupcake beautiful and pretty

By Addison Dent

Metaphor poem
Harry is a …
Harry is a sloth always in his room.
Harry is a tornado with his crazy hair.
Harry is an actor always performing his weird acts.
Harry is a star always brightening up my day.
Harry is the sky tower looking over me and my sister.
Harry is a machine always working hard to get good grades.
Harry is a couch always sitting in the same boring spot.

By Lucy Sanderson

My Mum
My mum is A machine always cleaning and tidying the house.
My mum is A teacher always teaching me new things.
My mum is A dictionary always telling me new words and what they mean.
My mum is A superhero looking after me and my brothers.
My mum is A diamond shining so bright it blinds me.
My mum is A chef always cooking me delicious food.
My mum is a taxi always driving me places.  

By Samuel Creagh

Teegan is, google always coming up with the answers to the annoying fights me and my friends have.

She is, a rainbow always changing moods and colours.

My best friend is, Autumn because of her lovely auburn hair.

Her, scent trails behind her like a shadow she is a sweet smelling perfume.

Teegan is, music filling my ears with harmony.

She is, gold and never changes that.

Teegan is, a teddy bear always cuddling me at sleepovers.


By Sophia Crosbie

My Brother

My brother is a statue tall and still territorial over over his room
My brother is a computer looking at a screen all the time

My brother is a machine hard worker at school

My brother is a superhero helps me with anything

My brother is an artist coloring,painting, drawing

My brother is a comedian making me laugh and telling me jokes

MY mum

My mum is a vacuum cleaning my mess
My mum is a helper looking after me and my brother.  
My mum is a looking after my brother a lot
My mum is a good person helping my brother when i get him angry

My mum is a taxi driving me everywhere

My mum is a designer helping me with my hair

My mum is a jolly being very happy, excised, amazing person to be around with.

By Scarlett Shaw

My sister

1 My sister is a book, she can tell me everything.

2 My sister is a pen, she can draw pictures for me.

3 My sister is a toy, I can play with her everyday.

4 My sister is a big bag, she can help me take everything.

5 My sister is a plant, giving me lots of good food.

By Poseidon