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Monday, 25 September 2017

Tui - a wonderful poem room 12 composed together


I can see a tui
In a Kowhai tree
Yellow for the flowers
Blue for the tui

I can hear a tui
Singing on a branch
Whistling like a flute
Burbling like water

I can feel a tui
Soaring in the sky
Swishing his body
Fluttering his wings

I can see a tui
Sipping a flower
Beautiful ripe berries
Sweet fruit and nectar

By room 12

Enjoy these amazing speeches by our senior students!

Child Labour/Slavery -  Munopa

Imagine!!....You are an 11 yr old that has to
wake up and get dressed,
but not for school, for work.
You then have to pull a tank that weighs 200
kgs for your surrounding neighbourhoods and stack
bricks for the rest of the day. This is child labour.
This is modern day slavery.

Historically, slavery goes way back to 1752,
when the transatlantic slave trade happened.
Why? Because companies got
more money from not paying workers
and they saw slaves as lesser people or

If you're horrified by this
happening to adults, think about this;
it also happens to
our most vulnerable… kids.
Life of little ones are destroyed when
child labour is employed.
Child labour is the employment
of kids and interferes with their
education. Education is a big part of a child's
life and it plays an important role in their future.

Did you Know??
Some of the big companies that produce OUR
favourite brands such as Nike, Adidas,
Hersheys and Samsung are linked to Child Labour.
We need to be aware of who they use to make their profit.
It may well be Children!!. Child labour!

There are 200 million children currently working,
the majority in the asian pacific region.
115 million kids are estimated to work in
the worst forms of child labour.
This is nearly 1 in 13 of the world's
5-17 yr olds.

There has also been around
800,000 children sold this year
and can be sold over and over again.
The international labour organization had a
goal to eliminate the worst forms
of child labour by 2016 and unfortunately
couldn't complete it. But there is still hope.

The number of children working in
hazardous work areas have
decreased 31 percent  between
2004-2008 and is still going down.

One story that touched me was that of Mabel,
Who`s mother passed
away and she was sent to her relatives.

Her grandfather could not afford to
send her to school so she was forced
into child labour.
She worked on a boat and if she did not
work fast enough, she would harshly punished.

Be grateful for what you have because for
some people being a “slave” is a reality.

So!! How can we make a change?
We can start by avoiding buying products that
have been made using child labour.
In New Zealand  we can choose products
that are stamped: FAIR TRADE.

My message today is:
There is no reason,
there is no excuse
Child labour is child abuse
Children have a right to their childhood and education
Let’s all stand together AS children FOR children.

Kaitiaki by Anna Elley

Here is a question most people don't ask. How much time do you spend in your own backyard? When I speak of ‘backyard’, I mean of our country, New Zealand. In its native forests, rocky mountains, and sunny beaches.

If you spend time with it or not, it plays an important role to everyone. The trees give us clean air to breath, waterways, fresh water to drink, and resources to use. In other words - it gives us what we need to survive. And for that we should thank the whole earth for.

Now New Zealand… seems ecologically fine, a one hundred percent pure country. If that's what you've been hearing, well, you’ve been hearing what the tourists hear. Because we are NOT ecologically fine and NOT one hundred percent pure.

Our biggest problem is agriculture. Our rivers are no longer drinkable anymore because of it. Since the eighteenth century, New Zealand rivers have been polluted because of pastoral farms. The low lying rivers have taken most of the damage - beef and milk farms accused. But the problem is not only agriculture.

They say that when New Zealand's native forests had been burnt off and cleared since human settlement eight hundred years ago, the waterways are now paying the price. To add to that, if the ninety five percent of our cleared native wetlands were still in existence, it would of played a major part in protecting waterways from pollution. And if you don't think that's bad enough, New Zealand is also one of the most deforested nations on earth, with only twenty five percent of our native forests untouched.

Our country is still young, and has a chance of being saved. We need a solution. We need to change our minds and hearts and seek for one. It will all start within each and everyone of you.

The earth doesn't need us, but we need the earth. We need to change our perspective and attitude. Not just for the earth, for the country, but for us too. By making little goals, little changes, it could mean a big difference.

Agriculture may be one of the things that make New Zealand money, but tourism actually makes more. So why not price tourists?! And also, for our native forests, why can't we let the forest regenerate before we cut it down?! See the possibilities?! That's all it takes.

An ecological and one hundred percent pure New Zealand could now become reality. So to make a better New Zealand, a better earth, it all starts here - in our own backyard.

Pollution by Aidan Lenton

“Why is it called vandalism, when we destroy something created by man, but when we destroy something created by nature, we call it progress…?”

“Hello, my name is Aidan. Today, I'm gonna talk about a severe problem of our world.. deforestation.”

13 million hectare per year in South America and Africa and south East Asia is converted from a forest to an agriculture land, crazy right?”

“And If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.”
“One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second, that is a whopping Ten thousand square metres of forest demolished every second.
“This is truly unacceptable..”
“Yet why do we reinforce this?”
“A vital cause of deforestation is overpopulation. The demand for housing is growing substantially due to the rise of population past these recent years..”
“Logging, including illegal logging, is a driver of deforestation.”
“In Indonesia, illegal logging operations provide short-term income for people living on less than $1 a day.”
“However, it destroys the livelihoods of those who depend on the forest. Indonesia is one of the largest exporters of timber, with about 80 percent of it being exported illegally.”
“It is estimated that organized criminals get between $10-15 billion dollars from illegal logging per year.”
Why do people deforest? Here are some reasons.
  1. To make more land available for housing and urbanization.
  2. To harvest timber to create commercial items such as paper, furniture and homes.
  3. To create ingredients that are highly prized consumer items, such as the oil from palm trees.
  4. To create room for cattle ranching.
Common methods of deforestation are burning trees and clear cutting.
These tactics leave the land completely barren and are controversial practices.
the 33 million acres of forestland that are lost annually around the globe are responsible for 20% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.
The main causes for deforestation include wood and paper products, mining and oil exploitation, urbanization, acid rain and wildfires.
Other reasons include supplying wood timber for wood and paper products and clear land for crops, cattle and housing.
We’ve heard about how we’re losing vast tracts of forests each year – for many reasons.
We’ve also learned about the negative effects. Trees are a very important part of our biodiversity. It is vital to life on Earth.
So how come we’re killing them? How can we stop deforestation.
You can contribute to the efforts against deforestation by doing these easy steps:
Plant a Tree wherever you can - if everyone did this it would make a huge impact to deforestation.
Don’t use Palm Oil or products with Palm Oil. - Many forests have been cut down to plant palm oil farms, by not buying palm oil products you can prevent deforestation.
We can stop deforestation,
We can stop, our worlds problems
Only if we come together, and take action.
Thank you.
Politics by  Natasha Shumilova
“If you trust the government, you obviously failed history class”. Don Freeman said that in the 1930’s. 80 years have passed, yet we still constantly fail history class. Why do so many of us trust the government? Why are we still so politically passive, yet we complain?
Because people don’t have enough time and energy to vote consciously. They don’t research party’s intentions, so they don’t know what they’re voting for.
For most people, life is just the pattern of jumping from home, to work, and back. Work and sleep take up almost all of their time. This results in people not having enough energy to make conscious choices, which leads to a passive mindset, and people being unaware of political action. When we are unaware of political action, the government makes decisions without us, which may give results we don’t like.
To solve this issue, election programs should be summarised by an independent third party, so they are short, and easy to understand, so that we can base our decisions on it. We need to see the full picture, including good and bad sides, and funding changes, in a simple, quick way - anyone without special education should be able to understand it.
The time has come to remind ourselves that being passive in political activity has consequences. Approximately 1500 years ago, a greek philosopher, said - “One of the penalties in refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. You will be ruled by others. They will choose your future for you.

Palm Oil by Brodie

Don't we all love our everyday kit Kat or Oreo.
But we probably don't know what in the ingredients,
Palm oil!!! It's in from margarine to your shampoo.
Over 136 companies use it, such as nestlē to Nutella
to dove. You're probably wondering how you get.

For Palm you need a whole lot of it to be useful.
To get a lot of palm oil you need a whole lot of land.
How to solve “I know burn down thousands of trees
in the rainforest what do you need trees for…”
“They only help us breath
Stabilise our climate”
“That's a great idea”
Money and more money.
Also if that wasn't bad enough
when they burn down the trees also any living thing.
Orangutans,Sumatran Rhino,Sumatran tiger,proboscis
monkey,clouded leopard,sun bear, Flat -headed cat,
bay cat, Malayan tapir,Asian Elephants,lar gibbon and
fishing cat. If continue down this path they will be relinquished
to characters in children's fairy tales.

Most of these are near extinction,
Like the Sumatran tiger two thirds of
their habitat has been lost,converted to palm plantations.
It's called deforestation    
While I've been talking 150 acres of
the a amazon rainforests has been cut down,the lungs of our
planet,the breathing life force.
Since 1990-2015 the world has lost 129 million hectares of the
Forest The size of South Africa. Trees are amazing they literally
make use breth. But we still
chop them down. What for, money. Trees are very useful they
keep the climate steady. If we caring on how we are now the
world will be destroyed.

Palmoil cause
Deforestation,habitat loss,Animal cruelty,climate change
and indigenous rights. Palm oil is mainly in Indonesia,maylasia,
amazon rainforest and Africa. Habitat loss the forest is converted
to palm plantations so animal's environment has been changed
from Palm trees. Most of their habitat has been lost to then extension.

We can make a difference.
Don't buy their products. To educate others,be cases what you buy.
Alternative buy non palm oil products.
Do you know what a kit Kat cost an,Orangutan life.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will going to get better

It's not.

Sian and Sam - two year two writers from room 12 - have written the most impressive explanation texts about how penguins hatch and grow up

First the adult lays two eggs in its nest. Next it waits for 43 days. Then the egg hatches with some yolk. After that the chick has fluff. Then the fluff comes off and it gets feathers. Finally it becomes an adult and goes back to its own place, where it was born and has its own eggs and has some chicks.

By Sian Viljoen
Year 2 writer

First penguins have two eggs. One penguin goes to get food and then the other penguin stays to look after the chick. Next when it has hatched the chick has some food. After that it's a juvenile and it learns to defend itself and get food for itself. Finally it's an adult and it has its own chick.

By Sam Rosier
Year 2 writer

Explanation writing part 3: Language Features

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Year 5 ESOL students are explaining beautifully why cats have whiskers - find out all about it!


Why does a cat have whiskers? You don’t know? Okay, now I tell you.
The cat’s whiskers are very important for a cat.

Whiskers help a cat to measure a gap. This is how this works: Cats have whiskers to help the cat to measure the gap. If the gap is too small, the cat knows so it doesn’t go through it.

Another important function of whiskers is to show the cat’s feeling. Because the cat has whiskers to tell the people what the cat is feeling. They can’t speak English, so they need whiskers to help.

So the cats have whiskers for so many reasons. So now you know why the cat has whiskers.
I think it is very important that cats have whiskers.

By Iris Guo

Why the Cat Has Whiskers

Did you know the cat’s whiskers can help the cat to know where a mouse is? Did you know a cat’s whiskers are important to a cat? Let me tell you about this!

Whiskers help cats to find a mouse. The cat’s whiskers can pick up some little air movement. The air movement made by the mouse. A cat can know where the mouse is and how close it is.

Another important function of whiskers is to show the cat’s feelings, because if the cat is happy its whiskers will be straight. If a cat’s whiskers are pointed to the front, it will be curious. If a cat’s whiskers are pointed to the back, the cat is scared.

If you know a lot of things about the cat’s whiskers, you will know what you can’t do with cats’ whiskers. And you mustn’t cut whiskers.

By Poseidon Fu

Why Does A Cat Have Whiskers?

Why does a cat have whiskers? A cat’s whiskers can help the cat to catch a mouse. How does a cat’s whiskers work?

Cats whiskers can help cats help to measure a gap. This is how this works: The cat’s whiskers will measure the gap. If the gap is too little, the cat will don’t go to the gap. Because cats’ whiskers are the same width as the cat’s body. So if the whiskers are too longer than the gap is wide, the cat will not go to the gap.

Another important function of whiskers is to show how the cat feels. Because the cat can’t speak English, so they can’t show people how does the cat feel. So the cat can use their whiskers to show people how the cat feels.

So don’t cut the cat’s whiskers! You know how they are very important to cats.

By Christen Li

Why Do Cats Need Whiskers?

Have you ever wondered why cats need whiskers? If you don’t know, I’m going to talk to you about how they work and how a cat uses them.

Whiskers help cats to sense where a mouse is. This is how it works: When the cat is moving around, its whiskers pick up tiny air movements, so they can make sure how close the mouse is and how big it is.

If your cat is moving around and finds a gap, they want to go through it. But if they want to go through it, they have to make sure, if they can fit through. If their whiskers touch the wall of the gap, they know that they can’t fit through.

I think it is important to know information about cat’s whiskers, because if you know this, you will give your cat a better life.

By Miki Palos