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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Based on their art work, Past and Present Hands, the year 5 and 6 ESOL students created short snippets of writing to capture the stories behind their pictures.

My creepy old house is surrounded by overgrown bushes and spider webs. When night comes, the moaning and creaking starts. It stays for hours, until it finds somebody else to scare. Every day me and my brother have to stay inside, because we are terrified that the trees and bushes would come for us.
By Nadia Peters, year 6

When I was seven years old, my family had a massive Christmas in Australia. There was a crowd of people on the sandy beach. My favourite part was the mouth watering, delicious buffet. I couldn’t wait to load up my plate. Everyone was partying like monkeys in a party bus! We had a lovely time that night. And that was the best Christmas I ever had.
By Jolize Erasmus, year 6

Every day in Brazil where I lived, we had a very heavy downpour of rain that had giant drops and that drummed on our roof like a big tornado. The lightning was terrifying. It could even kill people and the heavy rain flooded the city like a river.
By Maya Reynolds, year 6

In South Africa when it was pouring down with rain, my dad would go to a drive through and buy some delicious snacks and hot chocolate with colourful marshmallows.
By Katya Deyzel, year 5

In South Africa I lived at the beach. I loved to dig my feet into the boiling hot sand and I ran into the freezing cold water, smashing into the small waves.
By Mine Rossouw, year 5

In Austria we have a huge old farm. It is about 200 years old, but no animal lives there anymore. The house is white and the roof is made of wood, so is the third story, and it has a wooden door. I can remember, when I stepped through the door, it was really cold even in summer.

By Sophie Endlich, year 5

It was 9pm, when me and my loving family were going to go from Africa to New Zealand, but of course there was a river of tears. Then we saw the plane safely coming down to collect the next passengers.
By Gizelle Du Preez, year 6

Mylo, Tane, Kade,Tiia, Anna and Maya prove that recounts are super exciting - thank you for taking us with you!

Sophie Pascoe's Gold Medal - A Fictional Recount

Hello, my name is Sophie Pascoe and I want to tell you how I got my first Paralympic medal. I remember being in China’s Paralympics in 2008, getting ready to dive.

Then the countdown began on 3….2…1, go! Then we went in! The water smashing into my face, I kept saying to myself, “You can do this!” Then I made it.

I climbed out of the pool and onto the floor. The crowd went wild. Something shiny was placed around my neck – it was the gold medal!

It was then and there that I realised I had won gold at the Paralympics. I had fulfilled my promise to my granddad.

By Mylo Withers, room 25, year 4

The Long Way Home From Leadership Day

As I was going up the hill, it was like the stairs to heaven like it never ended. My head was sweating like it had been hailing nonstop. Couple more minutes we would be at school. It was the end of our leadership day. Me, room 15, room 7 and room 10 all had gone to Shakespear. I thanked Mrs Taylor for every moment of it.

Finally, we were in school grounds with dead toes, dead arms, but I felt proud of the whole thing. But now it was home time at last.

By Tane Muaulu –Kelleher, room 15, year 5

The Soccer Boots Of My Dreams

“This one!” I pointed to Messi’s boots, “these look cool”, I said. I tried them on in Rebel Sports. It was like they were made for me. Then I had a grin on my face as happy as the sky with no clouds. I wanted to grab them straight away, and my dad and I were still walking around, but of course we were going to buy them. I thought it was Sunday in my head.

I was determined to get them, so I kept begging and we finally got the shoes. They were sixty dollars.

I couldn’t wait to play my next soccer game with them.

By Kade Harris, room 15, year 5

Racing Home From Leadership Day 

I can’t stop now! I’m almost there. Come on! I can do this!

I could really feel the sweat trickling down my forehead. My legs were aching. My throat was dry, but I couldn’t stop, I was almost there.

It was Wednesday, week 3, and me and a couple of other kids decided to run back from Te Haruhi Bay, because Mrs Taylor had said we could. Now our running had slowed down a bit, because it was such a hot and humid day and we were all thirsty and exhausted, but we pushed on. My feet were aching, but it was worth it.

It was a relieve to see the front gate of the school. I ran through the gates, as they welcomed us with open arms.

By Tiia Cooke, room 15, year 5

My most Memorable Day

On April 10th 2015, at my hotel in Vietnam my parents organised a birthday party to celebrate me turning five. My parents invited a lot of people and the party was held at a special room at the hotel that my mum and dad paid.

That day I got a lot of presents and a lot of different delicious food. Best day ever!

By Anna Pham, year 4, room 23

My Most Memorable Day

On Tuesday me and my mum went to the Sky Tower.

I was so excited. Eventually we went to the shops. I got an apple flavoured water. Secondly we went down the longest escalator ever! Next we bought tickets.

We went to the Sky Tower, because every year we have alone time together.

Then we went up the most coolest elevator. It had a see through-bit and there was a projector and it showed the Sky Tower with stars. We went up to the very top floor.

We saw a beautiful view. I even saw Rangitoto.

By Maya Ploos, year 4, room 23