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Thursday, 2 April 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown: April 3rd

I love our Gulf Harbour School writers!

By Locky:

"Spiderman, Mr Incredible & Ariel walked the plank seeing if they could balance. Billy watched us".

I made a car track for our mini cars.It isn't that good(yet)but we(me myself and I) are working on it. Have a great lockdown. Kaiya

Avyan has been writing non-stop! Check out his work:

A big thank you to all the mums, dads and other caregivers out there that keep our children safe and happy. 

Thank you, Avyan - you were busy!! I loved learning about India and Diwhali.

What Conrad has been up to during the lockout - nice writing, Conrad!!

Gulf Harbour Lego Master Builders 

Dear Gulf Harbour - we will all be on a diet very soon judging from those beautiful cakes ..... 

Lisa turned her kitchen window into a drive through so her family could enjoy their favourite take away meal - good on you for reusing your recycling in such a creative way!

Those young makers and shakers in our community are very much at work. Nice! And check out Mrs Southgate's new video below for the next job.

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