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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Room 24 has been writing narratives. Enjoy the stories by Millie and Xeila!

The Seagulls' Trap

Once upon a time there were three friendly seagulls. One day a dog came and started chasing the seagulls. It was frightening to the seagulls.

“Let’s make a trap!” said the biggest seagull. “Yay!” and “yes!” said the two seagulls.

The little seagull got some seaweed and the big seagull weaved it together. Then the medium seagull dropped the slimy trap.

“Woof, woof!” said the dog.

The seagulls asked the dog to stop.

“Ok, I was just having fun!” said the dog and then they lived happily ever after.

By Millie from room 24

Shark Attack

Once upon a time there was a long, long, cold and clear ocean and in the ocean there lived a small sea crab, a green frog and a mean, mean shark.

One sunny day the green frog went to get some food. When he went to get some food, the shark was looking for food too.

The shark had sharp and gold teeth. He was a curious shark, a mean shark. He was covered in scars from previous battles.

The shark saw the green frog and he started to chase the green frog. Luckily, they went past the sea crab’s house. Sea crab saw the green frog panicking, so crab said, “Come in here! You’ll be safe!”

So the green frog went inside and the sea crab went outside and pinched the shark. Then the shark swam away.

Sea crab went inside and crab and green frog celebrated. The shark was never to be seen again.

By Xeila from room 24

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

News Crew Article About the Arts Programme

The Arts Programme
Have you got a child in year five or six? Have they come home buzzing on a Wednesday? They must have been doing the arts programme!

The arts programme is an entertaining way for the year 5 and 6 kids to learn about performing arts, stay active, and enjoy themselves at the same time. In these sessions you learn about drama, dance, marketing, fine arts, wearable arts and creative writing.

Our news crew journalists take part in the dance and drama sessions and we would like to share our experience with you.

Drama -
If you ask your child how school was and they reply with *ugh*, maybe it’s because they’re too exhausted from all the dancing and acting, moving their bodies around like little butterflies. We have been preparing for the upcoming production, The Lion King.

Sophia Pederson is our incredibly talented drama teacher so is Mrs Thrush, who also helps  with the teaching of drama. We are lucky that Sophia could squeeze us into her schedule.

Sophia and Mrs Thrush teach us to project our voices so that we can be heard by the audience. It wasn’t so difficult to learn. We stood up straight and we made sure we had eye contact with the person that we were talking to. We learnt how to speak loudly without shouting.

We move our bodies in each direction to express our emotion. We are given a script and we use our body and facial expressions to become the character in the play.
Sadly, not all our amazing kids can have the privilege to be part of this extraordinary drama journey. Even if we were extremely talented  kids, confident that we can accomplish it, we had no control of what group of the art programme we were going to be part of.

Dance -
Did you enjoy reading about drama? Now you have to read about dance. In this specific section, you will experience the power of dance through our writing!

Sophia Pederson is our dance teacher along with Mrs Kiata. In dance, we throw out our arms and boogie to the beat! We learn about how dance isn’t all about pointed toes and flat backs, but it’s about enjoying yourself and using the capacity of our bodies to express emotions or tell stories through dance.  We have been practicing The Circle of Life dance for the lion king production The kids who are selected to be in the dance programme are privileged, because not everyone gets to be part of this amazing class!

By Doris Hsu, Amy Harrison and Elsa Maddock, the News Crew 2019

Monday, 13 May 2019

Mother's Day Poems by Room 7

Room 7’s Mother’s Day Poems

To celebrate and acknowledge our amazing Mums, we wrote metaphor poems to express our love for them, and show gratitude for all that they do for us.
She is an angel that guides me
She is like a legendary spirit that gives me hope She is a protector bodyguard by my side
She is like a mystic dragon that growls all that harm me
She is a magic broom that sweeps away the scary nightmares
She is a knight that always leads the way
By Jessica A

You are sunshine, waking me up with a warm smile
You are a shield, protecting me from cockroaches You are kind, doing the dirty laundry
You are a shop, making me breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
You are a book, reading me stories.
You are a teacher, teaching me new things everyday
You are a Mom , caring for me, my brother and my sister
I love you mum so much XOXO
By Emma P

She is a blanket giving me hugs.
She is a lighthouse guiding me.
She is a cheerleader supporting me.
My mum is a broom sweeping away sad memories.
My mum is life helping me through hard things. My mum is my bodyguard protecting me.

Xoxo. By Georgia

She is my bodyguard protecting me.
She is my map telling me where to go. She is a safe protecting my family.
She is a broom sweeping away bad memories. She is my cook making my food.
She is my google correcting my mistakes. By Lachlan

She is my personal chef making me Dinner, Lunch, and breakfast , as well as my washing machine and dishwasher she washes the dishes and clothes and a maid continuously mopping and dusting and a loving dog that loves me and hugs me she is my MOM!!!
By Mary

She supports me like she cares for me.
She is a shining angel protecting me.
She is my chauffeur she drives me everywhere. She smell like lovely clean washing.
She makes me breakfast , lunch and dinner like she is my professional chef.
I love my mum.
By Tyla P

She has a heart of gold
And a beautiful smile
Every night she hugs me
She is a warm snuggly blanket that hugs me to sleep.
She is the one that brought me to the world.
By Eleanor

She is my bodyguard.
She is my washing machine . She sweeps away bad memories. She protects me.
I love her hugs.
By Will

Your pure heart is like the white moon glimmering in my eyes. Your warm skin keeps me warm like a cuddly blanket. Your like a lighthouse guiding me through the white light. You support me with netball like a bodyguard. You give me hugs and kisses like a machine. You have a big smile from ear to ear. I love you because you brought me into this world which lights up my life.
By Jess W

My Mum is magic, she does lots of things for me. She is a chef, making different food.
She is a lighthouse, guiding my life and correcting me.
She is a cleaner, cleaning things for me and my family.
She is a guard, protecting me and my family. You’re my volunteer, helping me with my work. You’re a talented person, because you have many hobbies.
She is my Mum!
By Seoeun

You are sun, always smiling at me.
You are a kitchen, making food for me. You are a warm oven, giving me hugs. You are a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the house. You are a book, telling me stories .
You are a taxi, driving me everywhere.
By Sophie

She is my chef making my dinner.
She is my taxi driving me to football.
She is my cleaner tidying the house.
She is my washing machine doing my laundry. She is my bodyguard looking after and protecting me.
She is a warm Blanket, giving me hugs.
By Olly

She is my maid, washing my clothes.
She is my barber, styling and cutting my hair She is my chef, cooking my food.
She is my info center, giving me advice She is my sun, giving me warmth
She is my taxi, driving me around
By Lucca

You a wonderful cook, and cook spectacular food. You are a maid, hanging up all my clothes. You are a beautiful butterfly, always making me happy.
You are a super G.P.S, guiding me.
You are a silly monkey, making me laugh. You are Siri, giving me advice.
You are a warm blanket, hugging me and my family.
!I love you MUM ;D
By Victoriya

She is a happy butterfly that makes me smile My mum is my personal washing machine cleaning all my clothes
She is my personal bodyguard protecting me from everything
My mum is a magician that can go anywhere in the house
My mum is chef her food is the best in world. By Finley

She is my maid cleaning everything She is my bodyguard protecting me She is my chef, cooking all the food My mum is shining every day
I will love you forever
You are the best mum ever
By Zak

She is a broom sweeping away all the bad memories.
She takes risks to make me happy
She is my confidence giving me hope She is a knight that always leads the way She is my personal bodyguard protecting me She is my nurse that heals me when im weak By Emma C

She my bodyguard
She is my butterfly following me
She is my life saver helping me
She is happy like a child
She is my pillow because she is soft
She is my helper when I get stuck on mistakes By Cody

She is my personal cleaner tidying room and doing my washing.
She is my chauffeur me around to sports. She celebrates my birthday and makes me feel special.
She is a warm blanket, giving me lots of hugs. She is like the sun, making me happy.
I love her.
By Logan

I like my Mum because she brought me into the world.
I like my Mum because she sits with me in the bed.
My mum is my bestie.
I like my Mum because she said she is going to take me to America.
My mum is the best in the whole world.
By Matthew

She is my chef making nice food.
She is my money buying stuff for me.
She is my cleaner, cleaning my room.
She is my washing machine washing my clothes. She is my safe protector
And she is my mum
By Rodney

She is a broom, cleaning the house everyday She is a chef cooking me food
She is a soft pillow making me comfortable She is a maid cleaning our dishes
My mum is very kind person
By Adam