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Monday, 6 April 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown: April 7th

Check out the blog carefully today - there are house points up for grabs, if you answer the questions and email your answers back to Mrs Goodall

It is so cool to see that our GHS kids don't need a device to have fun! Well done to all the creative chefs, builders, makers and artists out there in Gulf Harbour! Good work, parents and caregivers, thank you for all your support!! 

Don't you love Mrs Southgate's craft projects? Find her video about noughts and crosses here on the Treasure Chest. 10 house points, if you email the right answer to my question to Who won the game on the video? Mrs Southgate or Mr Southgate?

Eloise has written this text about Mrs Southgate's dragon. 10 house points if you can find another story by Eloise here on the Treasure Chest: What creature does her character, Eloise, meet, when she walks into a cave? Email the right answer to

Great writing Julian and Lawrence. Way to go!

Happy Birthday, Julian!!! All the best from all of us :) 
It sounds like you had an awesome time with your family.

Remember Sasha's awesome video? Find it and watch it again. What is her message? Is it ...

A Dress in yellow every day
B Live your life following our school values
C Eat more bananas

Email the correct answer to for 10 house points!

Nice work, Julian and Lawrence!

Nico and his dad make good use of the lockdown. Nice work!

Aarean shares his understanding of respect - great work!!

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