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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown April 1st :)

Who would have thought that we have so many talented creative minds at Gulf Harbour School?!

Well done Conrad, Eli, Isabella, Jayden, Matthew, Madison, Nico, Rodney and Solomon!

Mrs Crosbie's Lego Challenge 

- awesome work, guys!!

Now, that's a great idea: Start your day with yoga!!
Thank you for sharing, Nico and good on you for doing your yoga regularly!!!

Monday, 30 March 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown: March 31st

Arisa's Singing Class for Her Dog 

- beats Mrs Goodall's living room concert any day!

Eloise's Narrative - Enjoy the beautiful illustrations!

Eloise had no one to play with. Eloise had green eyes but one night Eloise snuck out and into the forest. 
Eloise walked deeper into the forest. Then Eloise came across a cave. Eloise walked inside. It was black in the cave. Eloise heard something which was “hurrrrrrr!”
Then something came out of the dark. It was a bear which was friendly. He’s was called Baby. But baby had a problem. He had no one to live with and Eloise took him home and they lived happily ever after. 

Moral of this story- 
Don’t go walking in the forest at night. 

Mrs Southgate's Noughts and Crosses Challenge

A strange and exotic animal has been spotted in Gulf Harbour 

- the Bubble Snake

Great work, Julian and Lawrence, Kite Makers Par Excellence!

My Play House

By Isabelle

My play house 
I have a play house and i play with Jayden and Liv. we can play all kinds of games.   And we make forts it is very fun. So we play and we go in the play house.And we play around and then we go to the back of the house. And we go on the trampoline and liv goes on to. For a long time and then we go back out the front . And we go on the swing and go back to the play house and tp and we play more and more for 1hore.And then we go for a walk at the goth cors and some times we find goth balls .It is fun.

The work out and the walk

by Isabelle

I am doing a work out at my house with my mom. I am having fun.  We have to do did lip and situps and some more ones. And i sometimes i go on the trampoline because some or jumping so my mom sis you can go on the trampoline. We do it close to night and then we eat and then we whock a movie but evry day in the moning we go for a walk. On the walk we go arond the goth cors and some times we go on or scootor and ride it arond the spolking wotor and my littil sistor fides the dack some dack food. And we go back home so we can do or home work. 

Thank you, Isabelle! You are doing great during this lockdown. I love your play house.

Mrs Goodall's Living-Room Concert 

Brosnan and Isabella have created kites - well done, guys!

Check out these gorgeous sock bunnies!!

Nice work, Jessica and Emilia :)

Now, watch and learn children - this is the expert launching her balloon rocket. Go Mrs Southgate!

Lucy and Zoe are doing a fantastic job with their balloon rocket. They have worked hard on their modifications, too.

I love Michaela's colourful kite, so cute!!!

A big thank you to Will. He recounts what he saw on his walk today - 167 teddies!!

Lego Challenge

Oscar and Kobe created a whole toilet roll character cast - how amazing is that!?

 Master Chef Challenge: Guys, those dishes look delicious!!

Saturday, 28 March 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown: 30th March - The Launch!

Monday, 30th March - Day 1 of the GHS challenges!

Thank you so much, guys, you rock!! 

(No pun intended, but I love the rock messages, "Stay safe, save lives!!")

Today we (me, my mum and Kaiya.) Colorued on some rocks from our garden to decorate it.We wrote messages and drew pictures.

From Xeila.

Lockdown Disco Night

One night we had a disco. We had glow sticks and a disco light (as you can tell.) We had lots of fun. We danced we sang we had music and had water (stay hydrated people.) As you can see in this picture, I am doing a crazy and weird dance sort of thing. I had a lot of fun at the disco. Have a great day (or night). Stay safe –


Take a photo (funny ones would be great!) and write a short blurb about how you are spending your time at the moment. Then email your work to me, Mrs Goodall, and I will put all (appropriate ;)) entries on the Treasure Chest. Make us laugh, or give us great ideas about what we could be doing! 

Who knows - you might go viral!!! 

This is what I have been up to:

I am training the dog. Floki might become an internet sensation by the time this lockdown is finished - what do you reckon?

You might think this is a bit lame, but trust me, it cost me a considerable amount of duck treats and I even might have become a tiny bit irritable, when I tried to get her to put her feet up on the washing basket and take a photo at the same time.... ;)

Any ideas for other tricks?

I don’t think she likes the hat trick … she doesn’t look very happy ...

What are you guys doing? Email me!

I will award house points for successful entries, so make sure to let me know your house and I will forward the information to Mrs Southgate.

Kia Kaha GHS!!