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Monday, 22 May 2017

Room 25 compiled important cyber safety information. Thanks for sharing!!

Today Room 25 went to a Cyber Safety session with John Parsons. It was very informative. Each student picked the most important piece of information that they learned to add to their class brainstorm. Check out what they wrote below:
Don't take a photo of someone doing something inappropriate. - LA
Do not send photos without people's permission. - LM
Do not give out personal information. - BN
If you're playing on the internet and someone is being tasty, take a screenshot and put it into a file for your parents. - BT
Do not do in your uniform. - AH
Don't take photos in your uniforms. - SB
When people ask what your full name is, don't give it to them. - BDL
When your butterflies feel awake, feed them and tell someone you trust - TV (listen to your instincts)
Keep your personal information to yourself. - JA
Don't take photos in your school uniform. - ZP
Ask people if they want to be in your photo or video. - CM
Walk away from cyber bullies and take a screen shot of what they said.  - AR
If someone asks you how old you are or what school you go to, do not talk back.  - SP 
Don't tell someone your full name, address, phone number, age or school. -BP
Don't tell strangers when you are going on holiday. - CoR
Be strong. - CaR
Don't share information and stay safe.  -TK
Trust your gut. - VW
Don't take photos in your bedroom. - HG
Adults can be kids in disguise, so look out! - FB
There is only one of you so keep your shoulders up and respect that. - KT
Take a screenshot of anything creepy or anything that upsets you. - MM
Make a folder for Mum and Dad to put any screenshots of things you didn't like. - MS
If someone says something mean, don't reply. - EC
Take a screenshot of anything that you didn't like.  - EA

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Room 20 creates a scary troll character by using great language features

The Troll
I know a troll under a bridge, the bad bit is I only caught a glimpse when I walked by while he was terrorising some goats. This is what I saw.

His hair was like straw and it smelt disgusting like he hadn’t washed his hair in years! He was so ugly that the birds would die if they saw it. It was a hideous orange colour.

His face was ugly… Wait no!... Hideous! So hideous that the goats wouldn’t have to get eaten by him they would die looking at him! His eyes were red and dry. He had a strange wart as well.

His hands were purple and hairy. His nails were yellow and as sharp as daggers. He moved as slow.. Wait no slower than a snail.

He had clothes like rags. They looked as old as time itself. Boom! Oh no he’s coming!. He’s talking to the bog goat and has pushed him off the bridge.
By Michaela W

Have you met the troll? I have, he has… sharp teeth like daggers. He is so super rude and ugly. His hair is like a huge hairball. His horns are like thorns and needles. Oh no he’s eating birds! Boom! He is gone.
By Kristen

Have you ever met the troll? Well I have and this is what it looks like. His name is Bob and his hair is like a fiery noodle. His face is a purple as a plum and his face is also as ugly as a tree. His eyes are bloodshot eyes. He has stinky armpits that smell like rotten fish. He does disgusting smelly farts. His clothes are stinky, creepy and old. His hands are dirty. He is bad tempered. He is hungry, mad, grumpy and rude.
By Gemma

Do you know the troll? He has a green wart on his face and his hair looks like ragged cloth and his clothes look the same. He probably felt a bit scared with the big goats. He has the hairiest hands ever. He is really grumpy too. When he walks his footsteps Boom!
By Marshall

Once upon a time there were three Billy Goats Gruff. The Billy Goats Gruff wanted to cross the bridge. Under the bridge there was a big and giant troll. The Troll’s hair looked smelly and yellow like spaghetti. His nails are long and disgusting. His shirt is ripped and dirty and his helmet is yucky and has an ugly horn on top.
By Esther.

What does the troll look like? He has long sharp yellow nails. He moves faster than a dinosaur and slower than a cat. His hands feel like fire and his nails are like daggers. His hands are the size of boulders and he has hairy purple hands. His stinky armpits smell like fish that have smelly socks inside. He picks his nose, yuck! He moves like a cockroach. Big Billy Goat Gruff hit him off the bridge, Boom!
By Katana

Do you know a troll? I do and I’ll tell you something about it. So where do start? Well he has caramel hair that doesn’t look like normal hair but looks like noodle hair. He has stinky armpits that smell like rotten fish and a horrible face with a wart on it. His clothes are red with holes in them and I’m pretty sure he feels sad because the goats got away.
By Poppy

Monday, 8 May 2017

Miki from room 24 takes us on an adventure!

The scary wave

One morning we went surfing, the waves was very BIG and STRONG. Oh my god!
I was really scared. My friend said that's not very big.
This is very dangerous! Come back! Don't do that!
My friend went in the water. Help! I went to help him. A shark  appeared ! I was frightened. Go, go! We swam back to the shore like underwater rockets and then we went home.
That was a fun day!


Sunday, 7 May 2017

I knew that the children from room 3 were going to go far - but I didn't think they were going to go to space!

My word - the students from room 23 paint pictures with words! Check out the language features!

The Giant
The giant is as blue as the sky. He is holding a tree waiting to hit something. He is as big as the sky tower. He hasn’t showered in 17 years. He is blue jelly. He eats spiders and worms. His dirty necklace is swinging on his neck.
By Tahlya Rose

The big fat ugly giant stomped his huge feet. His necklace sways like a swing. His rotten black bent teeth smell like a dump. His shirt flaps up and down like a bird.
By Zaander

The giant is blue. He is a big and fat giant. He has a necklace and a horn. He looks like he is angry. He eats meat and drinks rain.
By Christen

There was a giant. He was as big as a dinosaur. He had sharp teeth and he was dirty as a dustbin on the road. He was a devil. His jacket was flying across the clouds. He was horrible and evil.
By Madison

The giant has long, dirty, sharp nails. It would take years to give this guy a manicure! His hair is like a bowl of curly french fries that you get at an restaurant. His stomach is 10 times bigger than the school. The giant is as tall as the sky tower.
By Ariana

The an imaginary world there was a 17 feet tall giant named Garod. He was sitting on a small old bench in the park.He had a small sheep called Gary.Garod was really cold. He had a black jumper with holes in it. Garod decided to sell his old jumper to buy some scissors so he could cut Gary’s wool off and make a new jumper.
By Sergei

Stomp! Stomp! There was a humongous giant. His skin colour was white and he was smoking the biggest cigar. His cigar was as big as a plane and his legs were so hairy he looks like a werewolf. The giants jacket was dancing all around. He is the meanest person ever.
By Carlos T

The giant had a white lab coat with blood red pants as he chewed on some stale hard bread while his fancy white hat shone in the light from the big smiley sun. As he started to walk his shoes crashed against the ground as loud as an elephant running across the sandy savannah.The Ugly red giant stomped on the grass as the happy little flowers started to frown. His bright T-shirt went dull. He was a wrecking ball as tall as the sky tower.
By Quentin

Bam!Thump! A giant with hair as green as slime looked at me. He was a dragon.The beer bottle in his mouth jumped up and down.
By Ziya

The big bulking giant has hair as white as a snow leopard. His head is as smooth as a pebble and his eyes are blue. He has a large stomach that is as big as a volcano. He wears a big blue jacket with a white shirt under it and brown pants and bare feet. He has a silver sword with a wooden handle that swings back and forward.
By Vinny

The big mean giant waved his sword at the children. He smells like a trash can. He is as big as a monster truck. He does not like children next to his house.
By Brock

The giant has long talens that look like they are stabbing you. He looks like an ogre. The giant looks like santa in his puffy jacket. The giant is as fat as an old man.
By Kieran

Once upon a time there was Angela. She had a pink top and a blue dress. Angela went swimming at the beach but then she saw magic in the sky that was going into her. It went into Angela’s hand. Angela went up, up, up in the sky. Angela was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and Angela was a giant. When Angela was in Giant land she saw a castle. Angela went there on her own.
By Evelyn

Jelly is a giant and a low life thug. He is really buff. He has straps wrapped around his arms like penguins huddling up in a group. His moustache is like a brush on his face. He likes wearing a floppy green shirt over his midnight black shirt. When he walks is sounds like this, Stomp! Stomp! Tap! Tap!. Then he growls. His pants wave in the wind as he walks. He has green hair and he smells like rotten fish. He is a T-rex!
By Jasper.

Boom! Boom! The giant dragged has huge, hairy feet into the lovely bright garden. You could hear the rattle of his boots. Suddenly I saw a glimpse of the giant. He looked huge and he had lots of tattoos and he big belt was like a dead elephant wrapped around his big torn pants to hold them up. His T-shirt was polka dotted with crumbs. He had curly hair that hung other his big wrinkly face. He smelt like he hadn’t had a bath for years!
By Georgia

The giant’s necklace is as golden as the sun. He is as heavy as a 1000kg weight.
Hi is as ugly as an unicorn’s insides. Stomp! He goes as he walks. His belly is fat like my dad’s!
By Finn

The giant has selfish beady eyes, grey swishy hair and white pale skin. He wears a blue wavy coat. He is as big as an elephant. When he walks into town, all the houses go Boom! Shatter! Crash! He hasn’t taken a bath in 128 years. His name is Sloop. He has a secret weapon, a soup weapon that makes him soup for dinner.
By Nikita.

Carter the giant is a thug with strapping around his arms. The strapping is white like the wool from a sheep. When Carter walks you can hear his footsteps going Bang! Bang! Bang! He has bright green hair that is spiky like the top of a skyscraper. The bottle in his mouth laughs as he drinks. Carter is a monster truck.
By Daniel

The rugged giant has big blue eyes like a frying with a cracked egg on top. As the giant steps down it is as loud as dynamite crashing together like fireworks. There is a huge Bang! The giant lived under a rock the weight of an elephant. But he owned a golden, sweet, sparkly swan that could lay magical eggs. He wore black spotted shorts with a criss cross shirt. The giant has a secret weapon that makes you smell of all different smells, The giant uses it with a powerful swell like a wave crashing down onto the surface of a sandy beach, The giant is an island in the sea.
By Acacia

The giant had a green Mohawk with spikes as sharp as knives.His eyes are blue like the sea. His T-shirt is waving in the air as he walks. He is a skyscraper. He eats teachers for lunch and schools for dinner.
By Brendon

Pow! Boom! The ginormous giant stormed into the garden with his axe swinging like a boy that just got off the merry go round. His fat tummy covered by as T-shirt with horizontal stripes that are as big as the horizon. His shorts are the size of the world. His name was Bob and his boots were as black as night.
By Hanna

The giant is very big like an elephant. He is as smelly as a trash can. He eats a house a day. His body is very dirty. He looks like a ferocious tiger. He speaks very loudly and it sounds terrible!
By Iris

The giant is a really funny guy. His name is Sergei. He is very tall like a giraffe and every time he tries to go to his house he hits his head. He wears brown shoes and stinks like wet dog. He wears a pizza coat and never brushes his teeth or hair. He only eats teachers and drinks his tears. His hedgehog sword brushes his enemies.
By Carlos D

The giant stomped his humongous hairy feet like an elephant. He had a worn out checkered T-shirt that used to say “Get off my lawn!” but now it said “et of awn”. He had jeans with five big holes in them and a leather belt that looked like a skunk. His boots were patched and were the size of a mansion. He had huge hairy hands( actually he was hairy everywhere) and a dirt tattoo across his face. He picked up a tree that had been dancing in the wind and used it as his sword.
By Tova

The giant stomps around like an elephant looking for its pride. He is the sky tower. He is a lion ready to attack. He lives in a mansion as big as the Earth. His garden is like paradise. He has big brown muddy boots. His castle is a grey colour. His name is snooty long legs. Crash! The giant’s servant elves are throwing big boulders around like kids when they’ve had a sugar rush. His belt wraps around him like a snake. He has a weapon that knocks everyone over when he moves it.
By Grace

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Climbing a majestic mountain is a wonderful experience in itself - but wait Brodie has more!

Mount Roy
By Brodie Thorpe

It was finally summer, and I was on adventure with my family: Mum, Dad and my sister Tiana. We were a few weeks into our whirlwind trip through the South Island. When I say whirlwind, it really wasn’t. Just mum and dad had been planning a whirlwind, only to remember we aren’t super human and we have two meandering photographers in our party.

One such “must do” adventure on this trip was was to conquer Mount Roy. As we drove into the carpark that morning, I looked out the window and up at the mountain. “It looks nice”, I thought, “very high!” If I’m honest, I was a little nervous about the climb ahead.

We got packed and racked, backpacks on our backs and we started to climb. Step by step we made our way up the mountain. Zig, zagging our way up through the terrain and South Island beauty. My sister and I decided to charge ahead. My parents were going a bit slow. We came across a beautiful picnic spot by a beautiful mountain lake, which made me think of food and letting mum and dad maybe catch up to us... but we soldiered on, taking in the sights and sounds of majestic Mt Roy.

We were around 10 minutes or so away from the look out, and my mum called out with in ‘come on guys’ kinda tone, “Ah, if it’s okay? - Do you want to wait for us?”

So we waited. Fifty minutes later they show up. Another fifty minutes go by with look out photos, family groupies and mum first selfie #gomum. After this and that we were back on the move, toward the summit. Now as most mountain climbers know the last stretch to the summit can be the hardest push. You’re tired, hungry and just want to get to the top. Tiana needed a drink of water. As I stopped and turned round to look back at the family, Richie McCaw casually jogs passed us, up the hill. “Afternoon” he called out as he jogged, that’s right, jogged past. Well that made us move.

We summited and as soon as we did, we sat ourselves next to Richie. After all there’s always plenty of room for new friends on family adventures. We had a few more groupies and scenic shots, a yummy yummy lunch, views, views and more views. I had a good morning's climb behind me, my family and Richie.

It doesn’t get much better than this I thought to myself.

Some games are more important than others - Olivo came across a real game changer!

Game Changer
By Olivo Spadotto

It was a dark gloomy day and I was getting ready for my first rugby league tournament. I was really nervous, but at the same time pumped. I had been preparing for this, and I kind of felt like I was getting ready for war.

We arrived there just as the rain started to fall heavier, the clouds hanging low and dark. Just looking at all those big teams against the misty backdrop stirred butterflies in my tummy.

The first team we faced were the Point Chev. Pirates, and - eye, eye me hearty - they were massive. We all looked at each other thinking we had no chance, but actually I noticed that they were good tacklers but slow. Crusher, my teammate playing next to me as a forward, had also clicked on to that and whispered, “Hey, Olivo, they are slow! As long as they don’t catch us we have a chance!”

After 25 mins of being in the dummy half position, I finally was passed to. It was all up to me. I thought I had it, I could see the pathway through. But I ran straight into a player from the opposition who was humongous …….  BANG! Wasted, crushed, winded, the coach peeling me off the ground, asking me, if I needed to sit the last bit out. “No thank you”, I said, “I’m fine.”

Back in the game I’m passed the ball again, but in my way was the guy that took me to the ground moments before. - Painful Pirate! I looked him up and down and ran straight at him, sidestepped at the last possible moment, then the opposite way, span, slipped through under his arm, stepped, stepped, dived and TRY!

I was stoked, my team was stoked.
The score was 10-11.
We won and we all got ice-cream.

After that game I saw rugby from a new perspective: I took risks to win for my team and tried to spin. Fortunately I was successful and that built my confidence for the rest of the season. We won because we analysed the opposition’s game. I will never go back to playing rugby the way I did before that game.