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Thursday, 9 April 2020

GHS - Our Lives in Lockdown: Good Friday

All the best to all our GHS families this sunny 

Good Friday 2020 from Mrs Goodall!

Enjoy your Easter staycation!!

Hi! I'm Éloïse! Go team Tiri! I've listened to Jacinda's words and drew the most beautiful Easter Egg for the Great Kiwi Easter Egg Hunt this weekend! Then I put it on the window. See my picture!

Love from Eloise

Great job, Eloise! Can you spot Eloise's egg on your walk at Easter?

Koby is sharing another great piece of writing with us, thank you Koby!

Meanwhile in kitchens around Gulf Harbour ...

I love the combination of baking, writing and an amazing layout! Great work, Blake!!

Great, unwavering enthusiasm in the art and craft department - awesome!

I loved this picture .... and then I saw that one ..... :)

It looks like somebody truly enjoyed himself!!! Such a nice photo!!

Our (Lego) constructors are on top of their game!

And more cooking and baking - nice to see you are so helpful, too!

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