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Monday, 9 October 2017

Mari and Nicole from room 26 explored what it means to work like a scientist during their ESOL lessons

Have you ever wondered what scientists actually do and what the most important rule for science is?

The most important rule for scientific work is that scientists investigate by researching lots of data. Scientists don't guess or believe in someone else because they could be wrong. That is why they retest. Scientists retest all the time, because their information has to be accurate. If scientists cannot have accurate results then they will be misleading people.

Another important aspect of how scientists work is that they communicate to share their knowledge with everybody. If they don't communicate they will not know what other people found out or to retest what other scientists investigated.

Many children think that science is all about explosions and test tubes, but it isn't true. Science is all about investigating, collecting data, retesting and communicating. If you cannot follow these rules, you are not being scientific and you can mislead people.

By Mari Jung

Do you want to know what scientists think, when they research effectively?

The most important rule for scientists is that they never guess their answers, because they could be wrong. Science is always based on true facts. This is why scientists do research and do many tests to collect valuable data to back up their research. This is completely different to pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is something that sounds scientific but it is not. Pseudoscience is not based on true facts.

Pseudoscience is not to be confused with science, because if you don't know the difference you could believe something that is not true.

By Nicole Fitzgerald

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Room 23 writers address one of the most pressing topics of our times: climate change. It's a must read!

Climate change is a worldwide problem which has been happening over millions of years.This is caused by overuse of fossil fuel.

Fossil fuels are coal, oil and gas but we are running out because we are using too much and it takes millions of years to compact the animal carcasses and dead shrubs that make them. When fossil fuels are burnt, it releases CO2, which increases the greenhouse effect. We can help by not overusing fossil fuel.

The greenhouse effect is when the CO2 gets released into the earth's atmosphere and can’t  get through the ozone layer. The gases that are trapped cause the planet to heat up because it absorbs the sun’s heat.

The ice caps are melting because of the sun’s ray breaking through the ozone layer. This is why the ocean level is rising. We can help by fundraising for charities such as oxfam.

But only oxfam helping can’t do much we have to all help if we want to make a difference. We can’t stop climate change but we can slow it down. If we don’t help, this could cause world extinction ! so do your part and stop overusing fossil fuel.

Carlos Takayama

Climate change is a worldwide problem that has been around for millions of years. This is increasing by our daily actions. Our world is slowly disappearing from overuse of fossil fuels.

Running factories, over use of driving cars all use fossil fuels, which take millions of years to form. Coal, oil and gas are all fossil fuels. We are slowly running out , therefore we need to use more green energy. If the ozone layer wasn’t protecting the earth it would be 30 degrees hotter.

Trees are sucking in CO2 and creating oxygen, when we breath we suck oxygen but when we breath out we release CO2 . CO2 is slowly getting rid of the ozone layer. This is called the greenhouse effect.

As the ozone layer is disappearing our world is getting hotter, which is causing the ice caps to melt, changing the temperature. The water is rising causing the flat islands to flood. The temperature is changing causing fish to die and changes many people's food cycles. The poorer people are not coping they are losing their homes!

Climate change can not stop but it can slow down with the help of everybody. I’d we don’t act now this could become a much worse problem!

Grace Brown

Climate change has been around for thousands of years and is affecting lots of people, especially in third world countries. Fossil fuels are destroying the ozone layer which is making the world temperature hotter.  

There are three fossil fuels coal,gas and oil. We are using too much so we will run out because they take millions of years to be made. One way to fix this is by using green energy so you could use solar energy. If we use too much fossil fuels, we get more CO2 which is a greenhouse gas.

Greenhouses gases are destroying the ozone layer. If we plant more trees they will take in the CO2 and give out oxygen. If it keeps getting hotter the sea level will rise.

The sea level and temperature is rising and that's because of the heat so the ice caps are melting which makes the sea level higher. Also from all the heat we make, 80-90% goes into the ocean. You can donate to Oxfam and other people who help. Oxfam are making wells and raising them so the floods bad water doesn't go into the wells.

So we need to help to help Oxfam and slow climate change down other wise heaps of people will die from no oxygen or the sea level will rise and and there won’t be enough room for humans. We can't stop climate change but we can slow it down. So what will you do?

Daniel Clague