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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Warning - serious chocolate cravings guaranteed, if you read these descriptive pieces from room 24!!!!

Chocolate ball story written by: Tristan Woah cool!
Thursday 3rd of may:

Out in the city...hungry in fact SO HUNGRY my tummy GROANED ABOUT 50 TIMES!... IF dont eat something soon im gonna PASS OUT!!. But then i see it… a cafe just down the street I will make it. I WANNA MAKE IT!!!!! & with that I made it nothing too fancy I must say.
I ordered some food and then I got some dessert. So I waited and waited AND WAITED!
Till finally ding after what felt like an eternity!. It came BIG ROUND a lil bit of cream here and there but I loved it!. But when I put the chocolate sauce on (tragedy struck :o.) IT MELTED,melted till some choco ice cream and the remaining pieces of the chocolate ball was there MMMMMMMMMHMHMMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMMHMMMMMMMMMM!. I could not wait!.  EPILOGUE: THAT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER SAW AND ATE!.

Chocolate ball at the restaurant

As I hold the boiling caramel in the glass jug.
Then i smell the caramel extremely hot gold caramel as it pours out as fast as can be on my chocolate  soccer ball melted as...ICE-CREAM with boysenberry and caramel  on top melting my eyes off.Brownies on the side peanut brownies still melting my eyes off.
Caramel sauce all over my face quickly i shuffle my spoon in my mouth as i love it and i won’t it for every hot and sunny day and every pudding i have in my life!!!!

Chocolate Ball of Goodness

Holding a jug filled to top with boiling caramel sauce. I saw it bubble like Rotorua mud. I turned around and saw chocolate but not just chocolate hollow amazingly smelling ball. And now for the great reveal. I grabbed the brown smouldering sauce poured it over the chocolate ball. RIP! Suddenly the chocolate split open melting faster by the minute revealing vanilla ice cream with brownie. I dug in. By the time I finished my face was covered in ice cream and brownie.

By Jamie

A moment in time

A hot jug is boiling in my hands. I could see the cold chocolate ball teetering! Just then I poured the hot boiling chocolate sauce onto the cold cold chocolate ball. I could see the chocolate ball melting before my eyes. The chocolate is a sinkhole collapsing! Yay! A surprise! The surprise is french vanilla ice-cream and a peanut and chocolate brownie.

“My favourite”. Wait a second there is something else on the ice-cream, it’s caramel sauce! Also my favourite. It tastes like a melting hot chocolate ball surrounded with caramel sauce.

By Gemma Marley

Explosion Chocolate Ball

Wait, what is that? I’ll let you take three guesses. No No yes… It is ice cream but what flavour? Strawberry? No. Vanilla? No. Salted caramel? No. Goody gum drops? No Birthday cake? No. Mango, yeah.. No… Chocolate? Yes! Finally.

After Well 6 including chocolate. OMG. I feel my eyes melting before the chocolate ball. I taste the cold breezy cold ice cream already touching my mouth. I see the chocolate sauce is drizzled over the top of the ice cream. As I pick up the spoon I’m scared to dip the spoon into the ice cream. Ok I’m going to count to three. One, two, three. Mmmmm. It is so yummy in my tummy. The ice cream taste delicious that I can’t talk and I can’t even explain.

By Ella

Chocolate Surprise

I was holding the hot jug before me a chocolate surprise waiting to be a melted with creamy hot chocolate inside. I could smell the warm gooey chocolate. My taste buds were coming to life.

As the hot gooey chocolate melted the chocolate ball cold ice cream with brownie on the side. I could feel the scream of my stomach trying to get it.

By Bailey Law

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