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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The room 26 ALL Stars Boys wrote some amazing stories with strong messages about bullying


Bird Boy shivers when he stepped outside into the deadly forest mist everywhere and bones on the ground. Not a sound could be heard in the mysterious forest the black rugged clouds drifted and the shimmering glassy pale moon shone. The branches on the trees were chipped off. Bird Boy was innocently playing his flute.

Then suddenly the bird demons clipped Bird Boys head and Bird Boy fell to the ground. Bird Boy was very scared. He had tears coming down his face and his legs were shaking. But he managed to escape. Sadly he lost his flute.

He went to his house and thought, “I need to escape this dreadful land, so I don’t keep on getting bullied again. That means I need to make another wing.”  Then he started building a catapult and a wooden wing.

It took him the whole night to build his catapult. In the morning he catapulted with a wooden wing on the left side and his real wing on the his right side.

He was gliding through the air, but suddenly the wooden wing fell off and he was dreadfully falling.

Suddenly out of nowhere there was a Bird Girl and she picked up the flute that Bird Boy had lost. When Bird Boy woke up, he was surrounded by the beastly Bird Demons. Bird Boy was pretending to be dead, but the demons were still hungry. At that moment Bird Girl was flying while playing the flute. She was luring the demons away from Bird Boy. The demons chased after Bird Girl while Bird Boy escaped. After a while Bird Boy went to Bird Girl and noticed that bones were on the ground. And then Bird Boy saw that one of Bird Girl’s wings was missing.

Bird boy had a bandanna he gave it to Bird Girl because Bird Girl had disgusting blood coming down here back. Suddenly they saw the Bird demons swarming. They were hunting Bird Boy and Bird Girl down. Bird Boy’s heart was pounding while Bird Girl’s hands were shaking. Then Bird Boy had a great idea he said”how about we try and hold hands and flap our wings and fly?” Bird Boy had his wing on the right side and Bird Girl had her wing on the left side and they held each other's hands and they flew away into the creamy sun set. They flew away and they never saw the Bird demons again.

Sometimes you should walk away from bullies.

By Micah Fowler

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