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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Milan Du Preez is looking into the very suspicious disappearance of some marshmallow from Mrs Crosbie's office - great explanation, Milan!

Who stole the Marshmallows?

Who do you think stole the marshmallows? I will be talking about who I think stole the marshmallows.

Firstly I think Mrs Southgate because Detective Kookaburra found a footprint that's pretty small ( she has the smallest feet out of the five suspects). The second example is that when Ella and Grace went on Road Patrol Southgate didn't turn up, so Ella went to the office and they saw Southgate in Mrs Crosbie’s office!! The third example is that she has access everywhere! Therefore she could sneak into Crosbies office and take the marshmallows!

Secondly, I think Mr Hanwell took the marshmallows because on the wanted poster it said that he makes sugar free candy and we got some evidence and we tested it with Iodine and there was sugar and cornstarch  in the evidence bag and he was the only one who uses the two. Another reason is that he always goes to the office so consequently he could steal the marshmallows whenever he goes to the office! Here is another reason why Hanwell stole the marshmallows. He is always sneaking around corners therefore he could be hiding from Kookaburra. Despite his sneakynes we can see him!

Thirdly I think Richie took the marshmallows because he has access everywhere as a result of this, he could steal the squishy things from out of Crosbie’s office. The second example is that I saw Richie allow in Crosbie’s office even though the marshmallows have already been taken he could be looking for more marshmallows to steal! The third example is that Richie is the only one that can enter his shed therefore it would be the best place to hide the boxes of marshmallows and no one could get them because it's in his shed!

The marshmallow thief is on the loose but with these three key suspects it won't take long to find the marshmallow thief!

By Milan
From Gulf Harbour School  

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